Thursday, November 24, 2016

Oil Painting Course

Here is a post of a photo collage sample of bits from paintings I have completed while taking Dreama Perry's wonderful online painting course. Getting away from digital painting has been good for my back because when painting with real paints I stand. This is probably better for circulation when compared with sitting still for hours on my PC.
I recommend her course highly. She is offering a new course with a French theme in January of 2017. It is pricey around $500, but worth it.
Here's my sampler from her demonstrations.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Staying Sane by Making Art

What a week this has been. I realize that when I am upset I get busy.  It helps me not to freak out. What has happened in the US election has shocked me and everyone I know. I cannot imagine how it happened. My heart goes out to all of my friends down there. Making art seems to me at the moment to be the one thing I have some control over. I don't think I am avoiding facing what has happened. While I draw I think. When I am not drawing I am reading the New York Times and the Washington Post and the Globe & Mail and The New Yorker and anything else I trust. What has happened is wrong and not right. Maybe making art is a way to try to stay positive. Maybe one can hope at least for a miracle that will turn things around and bring back justice and integrity and hope.
To seem totally frivolous at this time, I made a little drawing demo just to see if I could actually do this. I have a small Wacom tablet, a PC and Painter Lite which came with my Wacom software. I also use Corel Video Studio Pro to edit and to record the screen shots. I wonder if I should make more demos?

Here are four of six new small painting sketches. I used my photographs as a reference base for these paintings below which I painted in Corel Painter Lite and later I will cross over to my real oil paints. I've been taking a course with Dreama Tolle Perry using real oil paints and I am not sure if I can pull off the real thing. But at least I can try. In any case these Painter paintings are very satisfying. And there's no clean up!

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Two Months

So little blog. I did manage to get the VSB display up of the beautiful self portraits created by the grade k-1 General Wolfe class last spring. Here are a couple of photos.

I have always wanted to learn how to paint with oils and Dreama Tolle Perry's oil painting course is everything anyone could ask for complete with wise advice videos, mediation videos, tips for painting videos and painting demonstration videos by a master painter. Dreama is offering a new course with an emphasis on France with photos and inspiring painting demonstrations. I recommend it to anyone who might want to learn from a gifted instructor. Just saying. The photos are from my class work, the last of six paintings finished just yesterday. It was really fun!