Monday, May 08, 2006

Tamara and Babette

My cat and I have adopted Tamara. She is nine years old.
It's been three weeks now and she is still afraid of the cat.
The cat is quite curious but at the same time she has taken to sudden hissing attacks which terrify the dog.
The dog usually heads for my lap or if i am standing she begs to be saved.
Such a whimpering and carrying on.
I hope she can overcome her fear of the cat.
The dog sits for long periods of time facing the piano with her back turned to cat. I suppose this is dog language for being invisible or inferior.
I hope they will stop watching each other like this, and perhaps one day they will become friends.
Both have sweet personalities being gentle and a little timid when it comes to scary things like lightening or hissing sounds.
Tamara's owner was hospitalized and is unable to continue looking after her.
I guess the next step is a trip to the vet.