Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Weekend

This weekend I joined in with the weekend Event on wetcanvas. Here is my work .

Two portraits. Coloured pencil/ One on on arches paper/ Hot press smooth. One on Strathmore drawing pad paper.
The Arches is a better base I think. More depth to the paper. Approximately 10 inches by 12 inches.

And I found this You Tube video of a wonderful and amazing dancing horse.

I think perhaps this mare actually loves to dance. Her tail was whirling to the music. I would swear it. Apparently she was a sensation. I am posting the site here so that I never lose it. What a wonderful thing it is to see an animal that actually seems to be enjoying her own performance. I think this is an exceptional joy to see. It is worth the download time.

The Magnificent DANCING HORSE Matinee.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

March 27

Today I will begin a series of illustrations for a story I worked on a long time ago. I have pulled it out from time to time. I know that it is time to do it.
My friend Stacy posted her work station so I took a couple of photos last week of my two working spaces. This morning I reduced them in size for posting here.
One table set up is brand new. I ordered it on a whim a couple of months back. It is a dandy little set up perfect for small pieces. Both sides of the table are adjustable. The wheels are unstable though. The instructions were not quite perfect and even though it said to securely screw the wheels into their sockets, there was no hardware fitting this description. However I managed to get the pieces together. It was a struggle. I ended up breathless and irritable when the instructions didn't match the materials. But heck. It is together and the wheels have to be handled carefully when moving it around. But all in all it is a spiffy little arrangement for drawing and watercolours.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Second Day of Spring

That daffodil is one from MArianne's Garden taken last year. Our daffodils this year are waterlogged.
Today is the second day of spring. We are such a soggy world here in Vancouver today. I've been trying to motivate myself. I have been playing two of Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook CD's to cheer myself up. Even the animals are depressed with the gloom and lack of light.
I've been working with Julia Cameron's book Finding Water today.
Now that I have the music on the animals have raised themselves from their napping and both are trying to get my attention so that we can all snuggle up on the couch.
But couch snuggling will have to be later. After the last bit of reading I decided to make myself write something. And the following is all I managed to write. It is just me and my shallow thoughts today about a small experience. But at least I did something. And what better place to place a bit of writing that no one will ever read perhaps except for me. It is a good place to store it in case I lose it the next time I have computer problems. And what does one do on a rainy day? I even tried walking out there alone without my dog. But it is so damp and chilling I realized I'd rather be writing and hopefully drawing.
I bought some tulips. I might draw them. I need a kick in the butt.

Dog Walk
Rain came down outside filling the noisy streets with puddles. The lawns and gardens flooded with water and muddy spaces waited for the dog’s small paws to suck it up into the dog’s toe pads.
She shivered in the chilly air and felt goose bumps raise up all over her body. She wanted to get home. Enough of this second day of spring walk. The dog wasn’t interested in moving anywhere and she had to keep encouraging the animal to move forward. Daffodils bent over in the weight of water. Fresh new cherry tree blossoms tried to be glorious but relented to the rain as it soaked them through forcing them to bend over and downward.
Cars splashed past as drivers impatiently searched for unavailable free space parking spots. There was lots of pay parking in the hospital’s new underground but motorists were mostly unaware of that possibility. The regular pay parking was always filled by eight a.m. on any work day. But if course visitors driving downtown to visit patients or to arrive for tests or surgeries or emergencies mostly probably didn’t know the parking situation.
“Who cares about all of this stuff” anyway she thought to herself as another desperate driver splashed past. She was smart enough to avoid being covered in water from the vehicles by keeping away from the road.
The dog cautiously stepped forward from grass onto concrete sidewalk. It took twenty minutes from that point to arrive back finally at the apartment main door. The electronic key popped the door open and the owner and her dog stepped into the warmth of the apartment building hallway.
They were soaked and glad to return. She shook out the umbrella onto the carpet just before they stepped into the elevator. The dog looked up in anticipation of a treat that always came after a walk. Once the elevator door opened to the fourth floor the dog ran down the hallway. Once she turned the corner to the hallway leading to their door she pushed her jaws into the carpet pushing her butt up into the air with legs going at a fast pace making her little furry body move around and forward in a crazy zig zag of glee. She smiled at her animal with amusement at watching the dog’s joyful way of drying off. Then the key was in the door and they were truly home.
MJM March 22, 2007

Now I shall have a bit of an apple caramel muffin and a nice cup of tea.