Sunday, May 27, 2007

Flowers on the Path

Walking the dog.
Catching the small things along the way.
Thinking about painting.

Moving on

I've been taking pictures along the dog walk routes.

Every week new blossoms wait for us to enjoy them.

Tamara is oblivious of course.

She is motivated by every scent and every sound along the way.

She can't see well because of cataracts.

I keep thinking about painting them.

Thinking is very different from doing.

I can forgive myself because my eye has been out of commisson.

But it is time I started getting down to it.

All the hours and hours I put into Roundtable are over.

I am free.

Free to write and free to draw and paint.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Serendipity Happened

The guests arrived.
They were met at the airport one by one by members of Roundtable.
A drive up the coast to see eagles. A usual part of entertaining guests.
Ron's favourite thing to do.
On Thursday evening there was a lovely dinner party for guest speakers and the steering committee.

I am posting the buffet feast prepared by Avis the poet and wonderful hostess. And the round table setting was the way all tables were set up for the 200 guests who were part of the Saturday evening Gala diner.
Avis served Cold salmon, lasagna, and other tasty treats.
Desserts baked and prepared by Avis. She is the best baker . And I mean the very best!
Her wonderful husband Frank graciously served wine.
People gathered in the garden.
The flowers are all in bloom. The garden is a delight. Another gift of Avis.
On Friday Serendipity began.
Around the buildings involved, The university grounds were decorated in bright colourful paper decorations designed by Kathie and prepared by her team of volunteers.
Every speaker was inspiring. Wonderful. Brilliant. Amazing. How can I explain?
The best of the best.
Pat Lewis, Naomi Shabib Nye, Bill Slavin, Anthea Bell, Stephen Beisty, Elizabeth Bicknell, Cornelia Funke, Janet Stevens, Ian Wallace and Sarah Ellis.
And in between some of BC's best authors for children spoke about their books.
The event ran through Friday into the evening and again on Saturday into the late evening.
Margaritas on Saturday night followed by a gala dinner celebrating Ron's retirement.
An actor dressed as Queen Elizabeth knighted Ron in a mock ceremony.
Many speakers and many toasts and tributes to Ron, the Canadian champion of world wide Children's Literature.
Over 200 at the dinner.
By midnight on Saturday it was all over.
Guests flew out on Sunday.
I am finally coming down from a very busy weekend.
I was asked to take lots of photos and I did.
I made a 20 minute DVD of the event. I worked on it on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I think I am finally done with it now.
My eyes are fried.
I am looking forward to being back to normal.