Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Adventures With Tamara

Tamara and I had a busy September. Sometimes I take her along with me and sometimes I leave her at home. She is eleven years old and has been suffering a little from arthritis. I keep her comfortable and most of the time she is content. Here is a recent picture of her. We took a little trip to Jericho Park on English Bay in August. The photos are from that excursion.

I can't believe I've been away from my blog for most of September. Where has the time gone?

My grandson Adam turned thirteen in September and we celebrated a birthday party with the family in the garden of their home. His mom is a fabulous gardener and the garden was looking so lovely.

I took lots of photos and then I made a slide show of the event using muvee, a special software I LOVE to play with. Yes that is spelled muvee.

You can read about muvee at the muvee web site. You can even download a free test run of the program. Now I am sounding like an advertising person. And I am not. I just enjoy using the fast and easy little muvee program. You can download a string of photos. Add music. Select a theme, and voila! You have a professional looking movie for sharing with friends and family.

There was a shower to attend the following weekend. The family is excited about the arrival of a new baby to be born in October. Again I took a lot of photographs in another garden. This time I emailed many of the photos using adobe photoshop elements which allows one to create a number of framed jpegs of small sizes to easily sent through email. I just figured out how to use it! And it is a delight to use. I was able to send out five emails of about ten photos each and each email file was no bigger than 600k. Very fast and handy! And reasonably priced too!

The following weekend I visited a church celebrating their 100 Years anniversary because a friend asked me to come and take photos and so I did. I got prints made up of the best photos and now the project is delivered and finished. And while I was experimenting with a slide show, I discovered that muvee has created a new style called photo album that allows one to create a slide show as if each picture is in an album. The pages turn! It is beautiful and such a great way to present a slide show of photos. So I bought it and downloaded the program and used it. It works beautifully and it is so easy to do. I recommend it!

All in all I spent quite a number of days playing with my photos. Now my eyes are so tired. But at least I know I accomplished a lot in the way of exploration and play with photos and images.

I've been reading a book titled Transitions by William Bridges which is helping me to realize that I am in an in-between stage of my life and this explains my exploration phase of trying out so many different things for the past two years since I retired. I am figuring out how I am to be in this new world of being able to explore and create without the every day necessity of going to a job that took all of my energy.

My dilemma is what do I do now with all this time. So I suppose the photography is the way I keep myself busy. And I do enjoy it. Eventually I will find a new cause to volunteer for. And there are so many! And the world is so in need of volunteers. But for the moment I am in the neutral zone. And this is OK.