Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Little Red Stroller etc.

This is the new spiffy stroller.

Tamara loves it. She sits there like a princess as we whiz along at a fast speed. I took this photo yesterday afternoon on the way to the park. Once we arrived there I took her out and she slowly sniffed about thirty maple trees around the park.( The park maples are her favourites.)

We met a few other dogs along the way.Her tail wags whenever she is approached by friendly animals. She is fond of cats as well. That is... all cats except for babette who lives at our house. Babette is very mean to her. She likes to steal Tamara's treats and she likes to scare Tamara by leaping out and hissing.

After half an hour of sniffing time she was very tired and her back legs began to hurt her again. So we popped her back into her stroller and headed for home.

Babette was waiting for us. I made certain she behaved herself.

The most exciting event for me yesterday was listening to the illustrator author Molly Bang give a presentation about her many award winning books. Afterwards she directed a workshop about creating scary illustrations with construction paper and scissors. We were to choose either a shark plus victim or a birds plus vicitim scene.
I chose to try for the shark and victim subject. I may post it. Or perhaps not. I need to think about it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Strolling with Tamara in October

I took some photos at the park today and yesterday. Tamara sat in her stroller for the eight block walk to the park. Then I took her out and let her have her way with each tree. She loves trees and spends a lot of time sniffing them.

She's a happy spoiled dog.

And because her legs have been bothering her lately and because it is too far for her to walk the stroller solution is perfect.

I get my power walks and she gets to the park without the stress of the extra long walk.

When we'd spent enough sniffing time I popped her back into the stroller and she sat there straight backed and watching the world go by again, When I arrived home I played with my captured park photos and changed some of them to an impressionist style which captures the colours of the maples in a painterly style. I had fun playing with this.

Here are some results. I think tomorrow I shall take some photos of the princess in her pram. She seems to love it. She is a true drama queen.

I love the fall and I am glad to be able to enjoy the beauty of it this year.