Friday, April 17, 2009

Will I Find Her After Stage Three?

I struggled with this painting today.
Rosa is such a beautiful child and I want to capture her. But she eludes me.
This is stage three and tomorrow I may paint it all out with white and try again.
But in the meantime I am learning more and more about managing these acrylics.
I am trying for a soft look.
This has a long way to go.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Work in Progress

Easter is over and family stuff is over and income taxes are filed and now I am taking a deep breath. I want to get back to a painting I started last week. I have never tried a portrait in
acrylics and it's a bit stiff but I am taking it where it will go. I always learn something new whenever I tackle the plastic paint.
Tamara had a hair cut last week and yesterday was her thirteenth birthday. I love this little dog. Sweet and opinionated, she has lots of attitude when it comes to going for walks. Trees must be sniffed. Hedges and telephone poles as well. Hurrying is out of the question. She likes to choose the direction and which streets as she pokes along on her old legs. The red buggy makes it possible for faster walking when I am feeling particularly fat and she loves riding in it. She sits with her pink tongue peeping out between black lips, her eyes watching the world go by as we speed along the sidewalks towards the park. People smile or raise eyebrows at me. Dog owners seem to understand why one pushes an old dog with arthritis around in a buggy and non dog owners think I am insane.
Susan Boyle
Regarding the last post: I am so delighted to see that Susan Boyle has hit the world big time. The Vancouver News folks ran the video on the news last night. It seems everyone will cheer for an underdog with talent. I know she touched my heart when she started to sing. I do hope her dreams come true about singing on stage as a professional. Now she has a fan club on facebook and over 9 million hits on YouTube. All of this has happened since last Saturday! Go Susan! Show them that beauty is bigger and deeper than a pretty young face.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Moment of Transformation

Have you seen this? Since I am older and I experience this sense of 'ageism' a lot...The attitude that older women are useless and silly and fat... I found this video today via 37 Days Blog and I thought I'd post it here. In case you have a few minutes. Watch this beautiful spirit take them all on. From the Britain's Got Talent show Susan Boyle

Monday, April 06, 2009

Sunshine Day

The new version of the poppies is waiting for me to continue with it.
But I need to let it sit for a while.
I think it is more painterly than my other attempt.
And I am having fun with it as I go along.
It's not great. But I am working on improvement all the time as usual.
At last we have spring.
Met Bob and Dan today and we cruised the sandbox area on Granville Island.
Had lunch in the food court at the market.
Took photos.
The sun was shining.
The sky pure blue.
Boats on water.
Kids on swings.
Drove home and took the dog for a walk.
She looked like a dust mop so I gave her a bath.
Scrubbed her down and added conditioner.
Now she is content and asleep.
Went online and checked out the Blue Rose Girls blog.
They speak of a brand new book.
It sounds exquisite.
I checked out the website of the author illustrator.
This guy is wonderful and his website is brilliant.
Kids will love the cow with flies around it.
And the sheep that bleat when you click them.
And his work is beautiful.
One of his characters, a bulldog named Chowder has a blog.
It has been a good day.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

At the beginning again

I realize the finish line is only the beginning. Now I need to work on my manuscript.
And while i think about it, I need to make a new painting. I have set up an empty clean white canvas on my easle. It has been staring at me for two days.
I watched my video of Stephen Quiller this morning trying to gear up to inspired thought.
He is quite wonderful. I love his sense of colour and pattern and movement.
I hope I can make myself get back to the paint.
Why is it so hard to begin?