Friday, January 29, 2010

A Sweet Dog in a Sweater and a Cat

Last night I worked on two photo references on the wet Canvas All Media Event for this following week.
I used Painter11 with the 'pastels' format on 'sand pastel paper' format and my small blue Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. It is a switch from the vector files but fun and quick with no messy hands covered in chalk and pastel to deal with. I will come back and credit the person who provided these reference photos later. The cat's eyes are closed and in shadow. I am not sure if it works. I'd love any comments.
These are supposed to be quick two hour sketches and I stayed with that. I am not sure I want to take them farther.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Blue Grey Parrot Named Smokey Joe

I finished this parrot last night. I used Corel for so many years and I rarely used the vector format for making designs other than text and images for logos. Technology has improved greatly because something like this would have taken too much computer memory and I would not have had the patience. But now I am older and more patient because I have no client breathing down my neck with a deadline and now computer memory is no problem (even thought my memory isn't so great anymore). This is converted of course to a jpeg for the web and much smaller than the CDR file.
I am wondering where this is taking me. It feels like maybe I am heading for a good place.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

White Cokatoo and Parrot

Wet Canvas has some bird references this week.
There are two birds.  I am still working on the second but I thought I'd post it. This takes a lot of patience and I just have to remember to breathe!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Rose

While the news is filled with the tragedy in Haiti I sat at my computer last night and this rose was the result of an evening of half watching TV while my mind waas on the events of such a sad day.
I think a prayer emerges.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

My Elegant Peacock

Last night I joined up again with the Wet Canvas group's All Media Event for this week and from one of the photos I selected the peacock to experiment again with  vector drawing in CorelDraw.
I can't stop playing with this. I am having so much fun! I don't know why but when a day comes to an end and I haven't made any art, I get sad and even grumpy. So doing this keeps me in good humour and I sleep better and it must be good for my brain to keep on making new designs. I hope. At my age I worry.

Maggie my puppy is doing really well. She is a darling little dog with a happy joyfull spirit. She loves everything and everybody except for the sounds on the street. I am teaching her slowly not to be afraid.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Ducks in Painter

I took a break from vector drawing yesterday and went into Painter. These ducks are from a photo reference I took recently at VanDusen Gardens in Vancouver.
I used the watercolour brushes with a bit of pencil line. I recorded each step and I think I will make a short slide show of the process.

And last night I went back into vector drawing and the results, a parrot drawing and a wolf drawing are posted on my other blog paintingpuppies.

The New Year has begun of course and along with everyone else I have been giving a lot of thought to assessing the past year and looking forward with new goals.
Among other things, I hope to keep growing and learning and my blogs help me to stay motivated. I thank you dear people who do stop by from time to time. And I love to receive your comments.