Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unexpected Delight

Yesterday I took a walk down the hill to False Creek and Granville Island. The Olympics are happening in this city and many things are unexpected and magical. The weather is unexpected and warm and the rhodos are unexpected mid February and I certainly didn't expect to see a parade of monsters with happy children following along. It was certainly unexpected to see a group of drummers suspended from a crane banging out wonderful rythms as well as an acrobat performing higher above them while an audience cheered below. As the sun set in the west I headed back towards home with the sound of Aboriginal drums coming from David Lam Park across the water and more cheering crowds.
I realized I could have stayed on into the evening because this beautiful city is having a party. But Maggie was waiting for me by the door at home and I knew she would be hungry.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Fish

A little play with a fish image from wet Canvas this past weekend..
Pencil crayons on Stonehenge paper. Around 4inches by 5 inches.
I'm not pleased with it but there it is.
Some projects turn out better than others. My skills need upgrading I think to myself.

I have been distracted by my grandson's birthday yesterday and the Olympics are in town.
We met and enjoyed Dim Sum at the Flamingo on Cambie at Jacob's request.
He was off later with his mom waving a Canadian flag and wearing his Canada T shirt heading for downtown where they were going to enjoy the free entertainment.
And there is lots around for the next while.
I headed home and fell asleep overwhelmed with the MSG.
When I woke up it was supper time and afterwards I worked on this fish until around midnight while trying to keep the puppy from getting into too much trouble. She ate a blue pencil crayon and had green poop. Thank goodness she left the slivers lying on the carpet. She loves toilet paper rolls, kleenex, socks,hair brushes, plastic dishes, and just anything she can steal. She has many safe toys but she seems bored with them. I am realizing how much of my day goes to watching over her to keep her safe, exercising her, training her.
But she is worth it.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Two Cats / Creative Drawing Process

As I worked on another cat drawing last night, I thought I might post the process of how this evolves when working with Painter. This might be of interest?  So I have made a little slide show of the drawing of two cats.  I hope this works! If it takes too long for the page to load I will take it out. But for now...