Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sketching Tulips Today

I like the look of these tulips sprawled against a wall. I made a quick sketch of my photo this morning with a felt pen on bond paper while my puppy Maggie pawed my knees and begged me to take her over to the park to play with Charlie.

When I got back from the Park I scanned the sketch with my Epson scanner into CorelDRAW.
With this image on the screen I chose the trace feature.
I added a little colour and got this 'look' which I think is sort of 1960's.

I created a vector from the sketch and this is what happened. I think it feels like an Easter image of light and life.

Played a little more with colour.
It is now the end of the day and I thought I might as well post this.
I hope this is in some way interesting and perhaps even helpful to someone out there.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Family Gardener

I have an old photograph I've been meaning to do something with. My original idea was to paint this subject with acrylics and I may still try.  But for this week, while I am into vector mode here is my interpretation of what I am calling 'Family Gardener' using my Wacom Tablet and my pen and CorelDRAWx4.
It took a while. Maybe five hours of holding my breath?  Using vectors for me is like paper cut outs. If I did this with coloured papers I would cut out shapes and paste them in layers. And this is sort of what it feels like to work with vector shapes.
I added the daffodils from designs I posted on maplepancakes, my other blog.  One of the things I love about vectors is that once designed they can be any size, any number and placed anywhere on other designs.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Digital Fish Design

Last night I joined WetCanvas All Media Event of this week. This is a fish I created in vector format with CorelDraw X4 using a photo reference provided by Alain J. Godbout. You can view the photo from his thread linked to WetCanvas.
I decided to remove the background after realizing the color was going to be a little over the top.
I like this little fish fellow and it was easy to duplicate him once he was all together. I may try a few other layouts and backgrounds today just to see what it could look like.  I can't believe the happiness I feel as I explore these vector things. I am so scattered lately. Trying this and trying that.
I must FOCUS on one thing.
My blog is helping me to keep trying things. This is good.
I find so much inspiration from artists who blog new paintings on a regular basis.
Thank you people!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Digital Peony

The Olympics are over and things are getting back to normal. It was a wonderful two weeks here in Vancouver and the fairy tale ending of winning the hockey game was the icing on the cake for Canada.
Over the weekend I sketched a big horn sheep with pastels and pencil crayons. I posted the drawings on my other blog.
I also took part in Wet Canvas and because of a previous request from a moderator there, I created a thread explaining how I make a vector illustration with Corel Draw as I took part in this week's All Media Event. I am posting this information here as well just n case anyone is interested.

With credit to JustJean on Wet Canvas who provided the reference photo this week.

1. I draw shapes looking at the reference and thinking of the flower as  a number of shapes. Each shape is a line which needs to connect to close it off to hold colour. Here I have overlapped them to see if they will work as a flower. But they need to be separate and closed for step two.

2. I colour the shapes with graduated fills. I remove the outlines.
3. Then I arrange the pieces like puzzles. I add shapes if I need them by duplicating or creating new shapes. When I like a flower I group it to make it stay as one piece. I can duplicate a flower as many times as I want. I can flip them and stretch them if I want to create something like the illustration at the top.
4. I created this background by drawing shapes like the shadows in the photo reference. I placed a box behind them and gave it a soft purple colour. I removed lines once I was satisfied. I created this image to a bitmap, gave it a gaussian blur and placed it behind the peonies.

And there you have it. A vector illustration with CorelDRAW. I hope this is useful information. One can get much more detailed with added blends and other wonderful effects with Corel and I haven't tried them out and I doubt I ever will. CorelDraw is a powerful program. But for this little demonstration I just wanted to explain a simple approach.