Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maggie's Haircut

My sweet Maggie has a new hair cut. It broke my heart to have her flowing hair cut back but it has been hot and I think she is a little more comfortable now. The groomer placed two black bows on her head and she looks pretty cute. I am sure Chralie will soon pull them off but until then here is my Maggie at eleven months old.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Busker Banjo Pig

Here is my contribution to the funny and wonderful blog Duelling Banjo Piggies. I don't know if they will post it but at least I have submitted it.
And it's my birthday today!
I feel as if maybe I am not procrastinating so much these days. At least I tried the piggies thing.


It all began when Albert received a banjo from his Aunty Porky.
Little did anyone realize the talent that had laid latent for so many long years.
Albert wasn’t a kid anymore. No. He was almost fifty and not happy
at all about his long career as an insurance agent.

But when he sat down to play that banjo, everyone had to stop and listen.
Albert was absolutely amazing with the instrument without any lessons at all except for the time in his teenage years when he had secretly dabbled with a set of drums in the garage which wasn’t as secret as he assumed because the noise had kept everyone awake nights.
Fortunately no had called the police to complain because they were good neighbours who liked Albert’s mother especially because of the rhubarb pies she left around on porches laced with gin.
And then there were the beer laced pumpkin pies in fall and the rum laced minced meat pies at Christmas. Albert's mom kept the neighbours happy.
So Albert went on playing drums until the age of twenty when he suddenly stopped playing drums. It was to everyone’s great relief.

When he started playing banjo at a late age he was transformed. Albert was definitely a banjo musician. He quit his insurance company job and headed for the downtown subway stations where he plays as a busker to this day making enough to cover his modest cost of living since he still lives with his mother.
They say she keeps him happy with her pies.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Colouring Sketched Banjo Piggies

I coloured three of my piggies with Corel Painter but I think I will try some vector interpretations of these sketches as well.

Sketching Piggies

I thought I'd give the Pigs Playing Banjos Challenge a try. I'm not sure if I will submit anything but at least I have started doing something after so many hot days. I felt as if my brain had melted for a few days last week. Thank goodness for  cooler sunny weather.
Today is absolutely beautiful. We have sunshine and cool air with puffy clouds floating by.
OK. So if one looks at my piggies one might come to the conclusion that they are from a fried brain.
Maybe so.
I drew these characters sort of half heartedly because my dog Maggie wanted attention and kept begging to be up on my lap. Drawing  was a juggling act. I also had the TV on. I was watching the Girl In The Park on one night and then the special effects bonanza and crazy story of the movie 2012 last night.
Note my Lady Ga Ga atttempt. It failed.
But I think CLOWN pigs playing banjos might be a lot of fun to do?
I think I might clean up and colour some of these in Painter. I didn't realize how many piggies in my head have been waiting to come out to play!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Playground Sketches

I sketched some children at a local playground last week and tonight I painted some of them in Painter Elements using the 2b pencil brush in various sizes.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Adventures with Charlie and Maggie

Our adventure in the sunshine yesterday.
Me and Maggie and Charlie and his mom and various park residents and visitors. 
I am loving Comic Life. After trying it out for free I decided to buy it. A neat way to use personal photos.