Monday, January 10, 2011

An Image of Swans

Still working on this week's Wet Canvas All Media Event.
I am thinking that I could use this as a base for beginning a real painting with oils or acrylics or pastels.
In the meantime it would make a nice card I think.
This is the vector file I took into painter as a jpeg and painted over.
I separated the background from the swans with reflections.
I worked on the backgound in painter using blends and pastels over what I had laid down.
Then back to Corel. Combined the two and took it all back into painter as a jpeg for touch up of feathers and shadows of the swans.
Then back to CorelDraw for a frame and then back into Painter to play with oily blenders around the frame.
I've been having fun with this.
Is this a bad thing?
And the joys of hitting enter trying for a 'woodcut effect' and voila. A surprise again.

Thanks for coming by dear friends.
It's been hard trying to get moving since New Years. But it feels good to be back here making swans swim.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Two Sheep In A Green Meadow

This weekend the Wet Canvas All Media Event forum has so many beautiful photo references I can't resist taking part. Since I have been into sheep lately for reasons I can not explain, I chose a photo of some sheep to work with. I started by creating a vector drawing of the sheep using Corel Draw and my little Bamboo Pen Tablet. I was not pleased with it. But I decided to not give up just because it was not working for me. I took the vector into Corel Painter11 and using the pastels and pencil crayon brushes I painted over it.

Then, when it was finished as far as I could take it, on a whim I tried the 'woodcut' effect. I never expected what happened. But I think it is rather fun and different.

Happy New year to my friends out there who come by. I really appreciate your thoughts and comments.
Thanks to Maureen Whittaker of Wet Canvas for her beautiful photo references this week.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

IF - Resolutions

Albert sat up all night on New Year's Eve writing his list of resolutions for the year ahead. His art was on the top of the list. He knew he had to focus and make himself finish one project at a time. It was obvious he had started too many projects. Multi-tasking was not working. Even the latest research showed that multi-tasking didn't work. Albert knew he was proof of that fact. He mumbled to himself  over and over "2011 is my year to get organized!"

This illustration fits the IF so I thought I'd post it. It is from a story board I developed a few years ago. Maybe my resolution this year will be to do something with it.

This was drawn in pen on paper. Then the sketch was scanned into Corel Painter11 and reversed to white line on black. Then I filled it all in with pastel and pencil brushes.