Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whatever Happened to Albert's Old Shoes?

Albert's Old Shoes is a beautiful little story written by my son Stephen when he was in his late teens. It was a very succesful book and thousands of children loved the story. It continues to be relevant even twenty four years later. It is about bullying. Kids loved the story. The book was always a great way to start discussions and stories about bullies. All kids know about bullies.
We all know how they can appear out of the blue. They keep popping up all over the place.

I suppose there may be a way to get the four thousand copies of Albert out into the market place. They are stored somewhere in boxes at Fitzhenry & Whiteside who received them from Stoddart Publishers when that publisher closed down a few years ago. Albert's Old Shoes was a popular book. It sold over 67,000 copies when it was with Scholastic.

For over fifteen years I was often asked by teachers to go to their schools to give book talks and to entertain the students with my drawings of Albert and his friend Bill the bully. The children loved Albert and I always came away energized and so surprised at how the book was loved. But now, when no one except Stephen and I know it is there, I doubt the book has much chance of selling. And picture books are not selling well at this time if my information is correct.

Yesterday I found myself organizing the Albert illustrations into a nice little slide show with music. But it takes up a lot of memory so I have to figure out where and how to post it. It makes a lovely pdf. It would make a beautiful ebook. I wonder how that could happen? I am curious. I may see what Stephen thinks about the idea. A good story is a good story and Albert may be ready to go out there in a new form perhaps? I wonder what is involved? I have to do some research.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Drawing Sweater with Painter11

I thought I'd post the drawing process of the previous illustration. And I added a sweater to the little dog. It was fun to do and while I sketched out this sweater theme, I had no idea what it would turn out like. But isn't that the way with just about everything we make? A cake? A poem. A paragraph. A creative story. I guess the thing is to keep on going just to see what happens.
Later post
It looks like ROXIO photoshow, the software and website I have an account with is down tonight, Thursday, March 4, so I am not sure when it will be back up.  My apologies to anyone who might be by to check out this little video. Hopefully it will be up and running again soon.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

IF / Sweater

For Illustration Friday this week.

What To Do If You Are A Sweater

Be wooly and warm.
Snuggle up to chins.
Tickle a little.
Be soft.
Wrap around cold shoulders.
Cuddle a tummy.
Lie in a drawer all summer long
or under a bed in a pile of stinky socks.
Ball up with fluff balls.
Get tossed into the give away pile.
Live in a plastic garbage bag filled with old clothes.
Be lifted up and out.
Be washed and folded.
Be found by someone who loves my colours and softness.
Be worn for two long winters keeping my new owner warm and cozy.
Be found by moths.
Be nibbled at bit by bit, strand by strand.
Become thread bare.
Be tossed into a rag pile.
Be found by a jewellery maker who makes felted jewellery.
Be felted along with other wooly bits.
Be added to pearls and bright buttons in a necklace.
Be bought by a distinguished gentleman of good taste.
Be presented to his lady as a Valentines Day gift.

I guess I couldn't stop! I know. Strange story. Thanks for bearing with me. But it is raining and raining and raining in Vancouver today.