Thursday, June 09, 2011

Canada Geese On The Pond

There is a family of Canada Geese living on the pond on Granville Island near the Kids Mart. I've been going down there weekly and have been following the growth of the goslings with my camera. I had to try this with CorelDraw and Painter11 and my Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. I'm not sure if this works. But it is a always a learning experience.
Step one was the photo reference. Step two - Vector shapes in CorelDRaw. Step three - Blending a base in Painter. Step four - Adding pastel colour and adding details with coloured pencil.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Down at Granville Island

I photo shopped some photos I took yesterday on another visit to one of my favourite places in Vancouver. The Children's Festival is on and I could not resist the colour and sense of fun. I made a little video last night using Corel Video Studio Pro. I threw in a primitive sound track made with Garage Band on my sweet lovely  iPad.