Friday, July 29, 2011

Making art with my ipad

I have several painting APPS on my iPad. So far, Art Rage for the ipad is my favourite App for drawing. I played around with it yesterday testing out my new Wacom pen for iPad. Today I am posting some of the little drawings I emailed to myself. With Corel Draw (in my PC), I organized them into this arrangement.
Realizing there were enough little characters for a quilt type design, I thought what the heck. I'll post this. I get a little obsessed with an idea at times.
But I did learn a bit about using the APP with my new pen. And it was peaceful working on these little characters. The centre design is the base for each design. I erased with white in the negative space. I saved over and over again  always beginning from the original base digital painting.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Playing with line drawings

There's a beautiful new toy for artists or kids or anyone who is willing, to play with online. Scribbler Too is a lot of fun. Check out the website and give it a try. This version allows for saving and one has more control over the line drawings.
What a way to waste time! Yet it can get creative juices going and I think that's the point of the fellows who created this magical drawing software. These are the results of my first attempt to try it out. FUN!
(With a wacom tablet and pen it is a little easier I think. I have a small Bamboo Fun tablet)

Scribbler, the first version by Zefrank is now available as an iPad App and I have tried it out and think it is absolutely terrific. Thanks Zefrank and Quasimodo!