Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Scene on a Rainy day

I spent much of the weekend watching and being inspired by the FREE Weekend of  water colour videos on Artist's Network TV.

Two water colour painters I admire demonstrated how easy it can be.

Right? Oh yeah. Right!

It wasn't quite as easy as it looked. I admit it has been a while since I had a real brush in my hand. So, yesterday, after a disastrous attempt at painting with real paint and real brushes, and after tossing out several sheets of good paper and after losing my mind temporarily in frustration, I went back to digital. I thought I'd share this today.
Why do I like creating digital water colour art ?
1. Being comfortable with the software. Painter and CorelDraw.
2. One can play with different colour schemes.
3. Easy to delete and start again.
4. No mess, like indigo blue staining fingers or stepping on a blob of water colour and leaving blue blobs on the floor and carpet.Ugh! Yes.I did
5. No need to spend money on expensive paint and supplies and brushes.
There are lots more reasons but this post is now long enough.

This little scene will make a background for some animation experiments.  I know I must keep on with the real paints too. But that will be another post. It must be like getting back on the horse.

Here is the reference photo. A park playground near where I live. I took the photo two weeks ago.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

IF / Return

The word this week on Illustration Friday is RETURN.
So if I choose to post this bunch of experiments all together I could say say something like
"These little characters are the beginnings of my return to a love of experimenting with animation",

Or I could write
"The cats watched and waited for the return of Freddy the mouse and his twin brother Dexter."
Or I could say
"The rainbow goose returned alone after his long journey. He ran through the fields just outside the town hoping his sweetheart would have arrived ahead of him."
"The surving octupus and a few fishes returned to their home lagoon to delight in the purity of clean water after so many months of swimming around deadly oil spills in the ocean."
And I could also write
'Albert returned to school with his wonderful painting rolled up and safe in his back pack ready to show to the class."
Dear reader, if you are still with me I would give you a big hug. Thanks for coming by.