Monday, May 28, 2012

Poppies Along The Way

While walking the dog early on Sunday morning, I came across this scene of poppies and rhododendrons. A peaceful cat stared at me eye to eye from where I stood with my camera across the street.
Some idiot in the neighbourhood seems to have delighted in tromping down these beautiful poppies. I am imagining this character on a skateboard as he goes about the lawns probably at four a.m., leaping onto anything exposed that is beautiful.
He's done this to quite a number of flower beds in my area of the city. I am assuming it is a he.
I may be wrong. Perhaps it is some poor soul who keeps falling into flower beds because of some mysterious impulse they cannot control. In any case it gives me something to post about today.

I have been working on a book I started a long time ago. I have never sent it anywhere because I wasn't ready to let it go. Many years have gone by and I have matured and I can get rid of the bad parts because I am not emotionally attached to the story the way I once was. For this book project, I am using a program recommended by my friends in CWILL BC (Canadian Writers & and Illustrators of BC) called SCRIVENER which makes it easy to organize files and chapters.
I like it a lot and I am going like gangbusters through the writing. It is so helpful for moving chapters around.

I come up for air between the writing hours and I walk the dog or maybe dance a little around the room to get the blood flowing. I have a constant conversation with myself wondering why I am dedicating so many hours to this project. It is a lonesome thing to sit down alone and write every day. But I am doing it. Regardless. Because I just have to.
And in the meantime there are lovely things to see on dog walks around my neighbourhood. This is Maggie checking out the smells beneath pink poppies.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two Digital Paintings

I have been writing and editing this week and when I write I go into the 'zone' and only come up for air when I need something to eat or the dog reminds me she has to go out for her routines outside.
I miss writing here on my blogs, but when I write I have nothing much to post. So tonight I thought I'd try some quick Art rage iPad paintings using reference photos I've taken around the neighbourhood so that I could put something visual up here.
All you need is an iPad and a pen for the iPad to draw with and the fast and low cost Art Rage APP which is to me one of the most satisfying Apps for making art.

Oil Paint brushes

I love having so many choices for color.
Watercolour and air brush brushes
with pen outline.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Opened Eyes.

Here's my lady. I'm calling her Norma.

Norma is startled at the moment having just opened her eyes to the world.

It was fun getting her this far today. Thanks for reading and looking.

Her beginnings are described below.

I think she may be about to go shopping.

Steps Along The Way

The other evening after a day of writing and editing I sat with my iPad on my lap. I started drawing with my favourite APP for drawing on iPad,
(Art Rage ) while I was  watching Birdsong on Masterpiece Theatre.

This started to look like a piece of cloth as I ran lines thick and thin, transparent and soft across the glass with my stylus for iPad.
I created a few of these 'plaids' during the evening with my dog snuggled beside me on one side and my cat on the other side.
After I completed four plaid like designs like this I sent them by email to my computer.
The following evening after another day of writing, I called this particular pink plaid into Corel Photopaint X5 which is part of my Corel Graphics design suite.
Using the freehand mask tool I started cutting out shapes, saving them and pasting them onto my Corel Draw page. They looked like this.
I have added a black background to emphasize the shapes for you viewers who might be interested in my crazy exploration process.

Because I have been writing a story set in the nineteen fifties, these dress shapes are straight out of my memories of the time because I did wear dresses with horsehair crinolines underneath which made the skirts flare out.

So then I figured I should put a character into the dress.
So with CorelDraw I made some vector shapes for legs, body and arms. And now, today I have this little character who fits my story nicely, I think... for a start anyway.

Now I will take her into Corel Painter to soften up her hair and to give her a face. And I shall post more later.

In the meantime, the reason I am so freely telling you about my affection for Corel is because today I received an email telling me I am a winner of a free Corel Product and I am over the top happy. I rarely win anything and it seems especially nice that this is happening today after getting my income tax organized and off into the universe with all the stress and strain of worry about owing as usual.
So a big thanks today from me to Corel because it makes my life full of unexpected surprises and endless creative pathways to explore.