Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Ducklings

My project has me totally involved. As a consequence I have not posted for a while. I do however keep up the dog walks with Maggie.
Every day we pass a fountain near the hospital. It looks like a kids wading pool in size and structure but it is a fountain of clear water that is constantly filtered. A few weeks ago I snapped a picture of a couple of Mallard ducks that had dropped by for a swim in the pool.
There was no more sign of ducks until last week when the female emerged from foliage followed by ten of the most adorable ducklings I have ever seen. These little babies have become the talk of the neighbourhood with strangers talking to strangers, children coming by to see them with parents in tow, hospital patients in wheel chairs with IVs get wheeled over to sit and observe.
Who would have ever thought that baby ducks could create community?
So far, the male duck has not appeared. I wonder if he ran into a raccoon or if he just took off. In any case this momma duck is doing a great job of managing her family of ten.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sunshine Days

It is a beautiful sunshine morning in Vancouver. Before I take Maggie out for a walk around her favourite park in the loveliness of the cool fresh air I thought I'd post a little note with a drawing related to my project.
I have been enjoying the process and I get totally lost in it. I forget all about time but my dog Maggie has to go out for walks so she makes me get up and away from the computer every once in a while. This is good for blood circulation and keeps me from blood clots and stroke which I am constantly reminded of by an advertisement on TV that repeats itself into my brain until I want to scream or turn the TV off. My TV is near me and it keeps me company while I work when I'm not listening to music.

After many years of working for others and creating images to fit the requests of clients, I am enjoying the freedom to play with this stuff. Some retired folks play golf and some travel and some go shopping. But since I can not afford those things I write stories and draw and now with the wonders of technology and computers, I can put little movies together that would have been impossible in the past without a team of people and expensive equipment out of the reach of folks like me. As far as I am concerned this is heaven. I give thanks for every minute of every day.
The software I have been using to put together a short animated video is Toon Boom Studio and Corel Painter 12. I am drawing with my Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet using the online program ScribblerToo created by Mario Klingemann. If you love to draw I guarantee you will have fun with scribbler if you are inclined to play with line drawings. Once I get this finished I will post it on youtube in case there is anyone out there who might be interested in seeing the results of this experiment. Later. Maybe next week.