Friday, February 22, 2013

Walking Read Designs for CWILL event

I've been drawing up some designs for a CWILL B.C. fundraiser event for Vancouver Children's Hospital to be held in June. The name of the event is The Walking Read. Yes that is READ as in red not read as in read. A strange title but there it is.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

About One Special Design

Since that last post I have been in a bit of a spin. In January I sent two designs in to the Hallmark, UNICEF and YOU card design contest. I worked very hard and created four different designs, two of which I sent in to the competition. I am pleased and overjoyed because one of the designs, my best ever I think, won FIRST place and will be produced next July and available in the United States. So here I am spouting off and blowing my own horn. But what the heck! I am so happy I just want to share the happiness with you.

I won't post my design here of course. But it will be announced in March. I just want to say Thanks to Hallmark. They really do make one feel good. We artists need an audience and when it turns out to be for a good cause and when winning is more than we ever imagined...I say THANK YOU HALLMARK and UNICEF for choosing my design.