Sunday, June 16, 2013

Updated Slides of Art Since January 2013

The Walking READ event was held on Friday and it was a big success. I made a little photo show just for the fun of making it. My photos were not great, but with photo shop Elements I made it into a sort of comic book style to make it more interesting. You can view it HERE.

And after I did this today, while on a roll, I created a new updated portfolio slide show with recent work. You can view it HERE.

And HERE is a previous portfolio slide show of my work posted in the summer of 2012.

I am thinking it is time to send my work out to a few publishers to see if I am a fit for a story or two.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Geese In Pond Two

I thought I'd keep trying to work this design further and I think I am about ready to stop.
Vancouver was such a beautiful city today with sunshine, deep blue skies and huge soft fluffy clouds floating over the mountains to the north of the city.
I took Maggie for a long walk and I realized the heat was too much for her so I took along the buggy I once used with my aging dog, Tamara. Maggie seemed to enjoy riding for part of the way when she became too hot. So we did a little walking and a little riding and in the end I felt like I got a decent walk for myself since she is such a poke most of the time and with the buggy I can speed up and get a little cardio in.