Sunday, July 28, 2013


Today I made myself get out my paints and brushes. It is strange to say, but I feel better now. At least I painted. It is a start.
Stage one
Reference photo and stage two

Stage four...I am still working on it.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


It's been a busy July although I have no idea where the time went and I am feeling unproductive and my introvert nature and the heat of the days has me staying in the shade and watching too much TV. My apartment gets uncomfortably warm at the end of each summer day when the sun beats down on the roof above me from noon to sunset. I have been giving too much focus on keeping my little dog cool. Our walks are in the early morning. She can not be outside for long before her little body turns into a furnace. Both of us are now gaining a little weight due to fewer walks because of the temperature. I have six fans running all day long and I expect the electric bill will be higher than usual. I know sunny days are good for the spirit but the heat is definitely not something I can easily adjust to. Perhaps it is my age. Yep. I suppose I can blame it on my age.
Last week I enjoyed celebrating another birthday and I am grateful for still being on this amazing planet. My family and friends treated me to dinners and brunches, and there are flowers on my table and cards on the wall. I treated myself to a new box of watercolours which probably are not the best paints because of the reasonable cost and I am thrilled to have this palette at my disposal. It waits for me to start. Now if I can just make myself get out the water and the brushes.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Time Activity

Where does the time go? What have I been up to? I think I will make a list here.
1. I was away one week looking after a dog and a teenager in North Vancouver.
2. We had a heat wave that turned me and my dog Maggie into slugs for about six days.
3. I managed to sign up for last weekend's free weekend of and enjoyed watching a number of different artists working in different mediums in different ways.
4. I submitted a couple of card designs to this month's Hallmark Card contest.
5. I got out my paints last weekend and began some experiments with watercolours.
6. I keep coming to the conclusion that I prefer to use digital mediums yet I know it is a good thing not to lose touch with the 'real' feeling of paint on paper.
7. It looks like I may have the privilege of working with elementary school children in 2014 and I am thinking a lot about what kinds of fun and worthwhile art projects I might do with students in a five day gig as an artist in residence.
8. I bought a lovely little set of watercolours today after the weekend of watching gifted painters and how they work.

Here is a rough sketch I did with a monochromatic negative painting exercise. Not so successful! But at least I did something. I have a long way to go to get back at this. I am spoiled by the digital screen with the way it makes color come so alive. However I need to do both if I am going to be helpful to the kids.
OK, the first watercolour negative painting exercise sketch is not so good and it took me about an hour.
The second is digital and it took me about twenty minutes. I prefer the digital but my goal is to get back to my style of watercolour painting which is more like an illustration and this makes sense because I am an illustrator not a painter. I would like to get better at painting in real life. I am so spoiled with my CorelDraw and Painter 12. By documenting this stuff maybe I can again get back on a blogging routine. I come here often to post but I don't post because I do not think anyone is the least bit interested in this. But I do know it is good for my brain and skills to keep on blogging. So I am promising myself in this, my birthday week that I will continue to learn as much as I can and I will paint and blog more often over the next year.
Below is a portrait I painted four years ago of my grandson. I am feeling an urge to get back into it.