Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Old Videos

Over the past two weeks my attention has been focused on trying to create a 30 second video to enter into the Hallmark Fan Appreciation challenge this month. My idea was to gather up some old photos and videos of the family to start experimenting in order to see what happened as the clips came together.
I ended up becoming aware of all the videos I have taken in the past with an outdated camera. The project pulled me into nostalgia and I have to say I have a new appreciation for my actions at that time. My family never liked being on camera but I persevered and now I have quite a collection of birthday parties and grand children's piano concerts. These of course are completely personal and I doubt anyone other than family would have any interest in this. But I loved spending time looking at these clips. For example, seeing my bright and handsome grandson at twelve is a delightful treat because he is now a six foot young man with a whole new sense of self confidence, and he is soon to be off to university.
After putting together three 30 second shorts and after choosing one that seems to work best I am waiting for approval from the family to post it to the challenge on Vimeo. But I am not hearing back and I have a feeling they won't approve of going into the cyberspace world. I perfectly understand, so my little video on the theme of 'LOVE GROWS HERE' will probably never be posted. In the meantime the process of going through family memories has been absolutely lovely.
And in between editing I doodled more with Art Rage rainbow beads for fun so I could have some visuals to post here to perk the blog up a bit in case anyone comes by. LOL. Thank you dear readers whoever you are.

And at play with a hairy brush in Art Rage.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

More Silly

I give myself permission to play for a while. It has been far too hot around here lately. Even my dog Maggie can't cope. But today it rained! Beautiful and blessed rain! What relief. I decided to post some junk drawings because I had fun drawing with the rainbow effect line brush with Art Rage. Maybe I will start a new Free To Play blog.
Note: Art Rage is also available for iPad. It doesn't have the 'rainbow' brush but it does have a variety of great digital brushes.
I am not trying to sell anything. I just take so much pleasure in these digital toys for artists to paint with. They are a great way to break out of artists' block. At least I hope so.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Tired and Silly

My Irises have gone to seed. I ruined it with too much line work. So instead of being totally depressed about messing up, I took the irises into the digital world using Art Rage just for fun. Then I started to play and doodle with a rainbow brush I discovered which gives one a feeling of decorating fabric with tiny pearls. Then I got silly. But I think it is OK today. To be silly. Just for today.