Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A List

I thought I'd drop in with a post since it's been a while now. What have I been up to? Does anybody care? Probably not. But I thought I'd list some of the things that have been happening even if it is just to document the days.
1. Two weeks ago I went out and bought a carpet cleaning machine and I've got to admit if feels really good to know I have blasted grunge out of my carpet and sent it down the drain. And now my carpets are spotless. Feels good.
2. With cooler temperatures in the days now, I  have found more energy.
3. I'm on a fifth revision of a new children's picture book idea and I think it is beginning to work. It may even work as a chapter book or a graphic novel style story. My friend, writer Elizabeth Lute of Enderby has been helping me with a few edits and suggestions and I find the feedback so helpful.
4. I now know what a 1932 Chevrolet looked like
5. I found out information about Mr. Charles Atlas and his exercise program, information related to my book project research.
6. I have been accepted into the Artist In Residence Program with the Vancouver School Board for 2014 which is a surprise to me but I am very excited about it.
7. Today I attended a presentation by a poet JonArno Lawson out at the university and afterwards I enjoyed a sushi lunch with a long time teacher poet friend Avis Harley.
8. Today was a lovely sunny autumn day of perfect weather and the city is green and lush after last week's rain.
9. Oh!... and last week my computer's hard drive ground to a halt and I had to take it in for repair and the good news is Paul, the fine technician at London Drugs was able to save all my precious files and also installed a new two Terabyte drive which is much better for all I do with graphics and animation experiments than my old 500 Gig drive.
There it is. Things are moving along.
The photo above was taken a number of years ago when I was presenting book talks to elementary school  children in school libraries.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Package

Yesterday Fedex buzzed my door and a cheerful fellow handed me a large white package.

Inside is what they call a 'flat' of the final card design with a winner seal attached and signatures of the Hallmark group. The card will be sold across the USA and Canada after October 21 in box sets of twelve cards to benefit UNICEF produced by Hallmark.
So now I am going to look for a frame and I'm now looking forward to receiving packages of the finished cards. They should arrive around the end of October. The wonderful people at Hallmark promised to send me twelve boxes of twelve cards with my design of children skating in each box. What a treat! I am so excited.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A Thirty Second Animation

August was a fan appreciation month on the Hallmark fan page. One was to submit a 30 second video on the theme of Love Grows Here. I have posted my little animation to Vimeo and I am waiting to see if it stands a chance at being considered in the running.
The video is posted HERE.