Saturday, October 12, 2013

The CARD Arrived!

Last Monday there was a delivery to my door of four boxes of UNICEF cards and on the front of each box is the image of children playing on ice. It is the design that I spent so many hours working on last winter far into the night and early morning hours of January. I had no expectations of winning but I pushed myself to keep on with it and now I am so glad I followed through. I thought I'd post a photo here so that you can share in this. Whew! Who knew UNICEF and Hallmark would actually like my work and choose it as a winner. I am thrilled about this. What an honor to think that a design I created will be sold in Hallmark stores across the USA and Canada to earn money for children in need around the world.
This box design is the Canadian version. I think the US box won't have the red maple leaf representing Canada. I think they will be in stores after October 21 or so. I feel so grateful to Hallmark and to UNICEF for liking my design. It's almost like having a book published. Not quite the same. Yet it is a  similar feeling and it has made my heart flutter a little bit with happiness this week.
The boxes are solid and beautiful and the cards are beautifully printed. I am totally thrilled. I keep having happy dance moments. For me this is a sort of miracle. I always wanted to design a Hallmark card but as far as I knew there was no way. EVER. Since I am Canadian. But here is the miracle. It did actually happen. So off I go dancing about my little place with Maggie my Shih Tzu and she is also dancing around me and trying not to get stepped on.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Spooky Halloween Video

Here is another attempt to post a little Halloween Video I made last year for my five year old grandson and nephew. I posted the VIMEO link in a previous post but it seems the link does not work for everyone. So I thought I'd try to post it directly here on the blog. I drew the characters with my Wacom tablet using the free online drawing tool Scribbler Too by Mario Klingemann. Then in Photoshop Elements I colored some of the drawings lines using a little trick I learned. And I reversed most of the drawings.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Spooks and Scary Things

I think it is time again for spooks and scary things. So I'm posting my scary Halloween video from last year. Hehehehehehe. Now where did I put my broom and pointy hat?
The link is HERE.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

A Little Flip and a Little Boom

I thought I'd put together a few clips of simple animation exercises I have created while trying to figure out how to use  Flip Boom Doodle which is a lovely little animation program for young people from Toon Boom. When clips are linked together in a separate movie editor software one can add music and titles and effects.When saving, one can convert the clips to mpeg or movie files. It is reasonably inexpensive. It has it's limitations but the program is solid and fun to play with. I am thinking about working with children and what might be possible using basic shapes and simple lines.