Saturday, November 30, 2013


My notebook is now filled with 30 ideas for picture books. My brain is slightly fried. My plan to also draw sketches every day for thirty days was a little over enthusiastic. But at least I managed PiBoIdMo and I am not going to kick myself for not keeping up in the drawing department. At least now I have a bunch of tiny ideas and perhaps once I start to doodle a few of the characters with settings something will bloom and grow into a picture book. And that was the purpose for all the participants I think.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trying Here!

I am taking part in Picture Book Idea a Day Month. PiBoIdMo. This is not easy. I have only twenty ideas in my notebook. I have to add ten more picture book ideas to make it up to thirty by the end of this month. Yikes. The end is almost here!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Crazy Week

It has been a week of unexpected treats. Lunches and coffee with friends and at the same time I have been taking part in Picture Book Idea Month writing. There have been wonderful posts each day from children's book writers and illustrators with many links leading to many resources for writers.
Aside from PiBoIdMo, and since I will be working with young students next year, I've been trying out an inexpensive APP called Drawing Pad. This APP comes with many brushes but my absolute favorite is the rainbow selection for drawing.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man.
I thought I'd post him today.
I am plugging away with PiBo writing while attending to chores and responsibilities today like laundry and groceries and my little dog seems to have an infection in one eye. Fortunately I have some medication that is helping her but I still might need to take her to the vet.

Here's some really bad poetry. A result of PiBoIdMo. OK. You can laugh at me. But hey. I am trying here. I never meant to write a rhyme. I know rhyme is not really acceptable or in demand. But what the heck. It is only an exercise. Inspired by a man who always passes me when I walk my dog. He never says hello. He never gives eye contact. He even walks far around us as if he hates harmless little dogs. He actually has the body language of someone who hates us with a vengeance. I always pick up after Maggie so he has no reason to hate us. So here is my bad poem.

Gordon Grump

Gordon Grump was a nasty mean fellow.
He slithered like a snake and his teeth were orange yellow.
Some folks said he ate too many pickles.
 Some folks said he hoarded his nickles.

Gordon Grump, you didn't want to meet.
He never took a bath.
He had the smelliest of feet.
He had a wife who loved him but he was just too grumpy.
She left him for a cheery chap named Fred.

Gordon Grump lived all alone, forgotten and more grumpy.
He never cooked or made his bed.
His mattress was all lumpy.
He ate dandelions in the lane and worms from the compost.
And when in the end he died in a dump they said it was sad about poor Gordon Grump.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Day Two

Today was a rain day in Vancouver. But I wrote down five sheets of ideas for picture books and titles. I also managed to do another edit for story I have been working on for two years. Today I also joined a sketch a day in November group. I missed day one but on this day two I am going to post a digital sketch on today's RAIN theme. I worked on it after supper tonight while the rain poured down outside. My little dog is so bored but she is being a trooper and putting up with me. As I look at this now I think I forgot to add rain. Woops!

The PiBoIdMo group is such a treat. Writers on the PiBo facebook page keep sharing great ideas and website resources for writing and generating ideas such as Scholastic resource for elementary school writers. This is fun for adults too.
Also Writing prompt generator

I added rain. There are some days like today when I love digital painting.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Day 1 of PiBoIdMo

This is day one of the Picture Book Idea A Day in November month. This morning while walking Maggie a few kernels of ideas popped into my head. Things that might get me started are things like the sour faced gentleman who I often see in the neighborhood and who never gives eye contact and who always looks grumpy and who passed us by looking irritated once again. And there was the squirrel collecting bits between oak leaves, and then he chased away a grey squirrel and I tried to get a photo but they were too fast for my camera. And there is also the question of the crows that usually follow us along. Where are the crows? So this is a beginning and here we go. I will now sit down with my little spiral notebook and I promise myself I will write. Wish me well please. I am not sure I can actually do this.