Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Percolated Pansies

I've been playing today with an APP for iPad called Percolator. I took some of my older designs and gave them a whole new look. This is addictive and I know the thrill of this will wear off. But for now, I had the good fortune to have some time to play today. A nice break.

Top is original watercolor which was painted on letter size watercolor paper.
Next is the original design painted in Painter with white lines..
Bottom is the image adjusted in Percolator. This is so addicting! If you click the cursor hand on the bottom one you can see it large on the screen. Magical Circles.


Trekbikes said...

These are beautiful!! Your output continues to impress me -- Merry Christmas from a s-l-o-w blogger

Mary Jane Muir said...

Hi there Deb. Thanks for coming by.

theartofpuro said...