Thursday, March 06, 2014

Funky Finger Puppets

This was one of those light bulb ideas that wakes you in the night. At least that's what happened to me the other evening when I asleep after days of pondering about what we could do with the wonderful big sheet pastels the children made a week ago. I suddenly had this idea! If I reduce the photos I took of each drawing and then if I reduce them down to finger puppet size, the children would have their characters transformed into finger puppets. So I gave it a try since I have CorelDraw as a way to create this.
There were twenty cats and I managed to get eight on each sheet. Once I was satisfied with how the looked and how they worked when cut out and positioned on my fingers, I took them to a local printer and had a bunch run off.
I raced to the school for the afternoon with the class with the puppets printed on sheets of light weight card stock. But before the cutting out part, I talked to the kids about finger puppet shows and I asked them what kind of stories they might make for their puppets and what kinds of backgrounds they could make for their little imagined plays. I used crayons to make a short demonstration for them (since they always want me to draw for them and it seems to inspire them to want to draw their own stuff! ). And then the teacher and I encouraged them to think of what their scenes might be. They had lots of ideas and soon they were at their tables drawing a variety of adorable scenes on large sheets of paper.
Once completed, they received their sheets of puppets and they cut them out. They love their puppets and I think their teacher was pleased with the afternoon's project.


Stacy said...

So happy to read you are working with school kids on art projects! I can hear the joy in your words and I am sure the children are loving it too. You always amaze me with your creativity and loveof learning. Love that you are getting to share that with an appreciative audience.
Keep having fun my friend!

Mary Jane Muir said...

Hi Stacy! I know you are up to all kinds of wonderful activities too. Thanks for coming by.