Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moberly Biennale Project

It seems like it's been a long road getting to the end of a project with a class of wonderful kids. We have been on a field trip to Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver. We looked at the sculpture Minotaur and Hare and then we visited the maze.
We also walked around the grounds to see the beauty of spring blossoms and in between trees we saw more sculptures. The children took photos all along the way.
Back in class we discussed feelings and other responses to the Minotaur sculpture and we thought about what kind of characters we might invent. We examined graphic novels to see different styles of illustration, we found information about comic book artists, and we looked at picture books. We looked at stories and we focused on building written profiles for our own characters. We had the support of the school librarian Gwen Ingham, who provided more books and resources. Some students discovered how much fun it is to read books like Captain Underpants and other chapter books.
We discovered that pastels were the best way for our class to create from the heart and mind and hand. We now understand that by using only pencils on small paper, we might become self conscious and worried about making mistakes and we might come to a stop because we have been trying to be perfect. We have had questions about animation and how a character can be made to move by looking at books by different animators.

We created some really neat animal characters for comics and we had ideas for stories in our heads and we were almost ready to use the iPads to make our comics.
But then we changed direction.  The comic book idea was left on the shelf and we moved into pastel portraits of our new stories and new characters instead.

And this week is our wrap up week. So we are going to have cupcakes and take a look back at what we have accomplished.

I would like to say thank you to the Vancouver Biennale for making this creative process journey possible for Mr. Vanwynsberghe's class, Division #6 at Moberly Elementary.

Mary Jane

Friday, May 09, 2014

Experimenting with iMovie and the iPad

This week I had some time to noodle around with the iPad. Yesterday I tried using iMovie for the first time and just for fun I made a couple of little promos for the students and their work. The promo videos are made from iMovie's cool templates. All you have to do is to fill in texts and photos and after a few trial runs you have a little one minute promo video for a project. I hope the kids like this. I posted my video to vimeo and hopefully you can watch one from here . The watercolour like images are created with Waterlogue app from photos taken with the iPad camera.
This is a very digitized version of the class. I can't get detailed faces because of the usual rules. We are working on a project associated with the Vancouver Biennale Program.