Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Art With Kindergartens

I spent the last two days editing together photos I took for documentation last spring as I worked with a kindergarten class and their teacher making art. The video is now up on my VIMEO channel. It's two minutes long. I am so glad to have a record of it. The teacher was amazing and so well prepared every time. We accomplished a lot and the children loved every minute of our five sessions together.

Friday, August 15, 2014

iPad Drawing Fun

I can't remember exactly which APP I used for this. But when I figure it out I will add it to the post. I think it might be Sketchbook Pro or Brushes. If anyone out there knows which APP does this please let me know because I want to make more. 
I was just playing around one evening  a few months back and I was surprised to see the entire thing converted to a video. So I sent it via email to my computer. What fun!

Art Making With iPad

I put a lot of work through the months of January to June preparing lesson plans and working with students. I think I will start sharing what I learned in case it is of any use to teachers out there wanting ideas of ways to use iPads for art making and not just for playing games.

The first green background/house image I used wingdings of musical notes and small boxes.  I was able to draw with the icons working as my 'pen' line for a line drawing. Simple and so much fun.

For the second, I took a digital image drawn with a different program and used it as a background for a short writing fiction piece about a first day at school memory of a bully incident. Then I wrote text over and around it using this APP.

For the second I used a faded background image of a hill and a tree and I placed the text over top.

1. Write words into a text box.
2. Draw your finger or tablet pen over the screen.
3. Your words flow from your finger.
4. Bring in a piece of art or a photo and place behind your text.

A sensitive and powerful drawing tool as well as a way to play with text and writing. I think it costs under $3.