Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Sunshine and Spring flowers all over the place. After so many months of grey overcast skies the earth is coming alive again. What a relief!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ipad Drawing Pad App & Percolator App For Effects

I used an app called Drawing Pad to draw the fist part. Then I took the drawings into Percolator App.
Green Fish - Took a photo of a watercolor green wash into iPad. I brought it into Drawing Pad from Photos and used it as a background. I took an eraser brush and created the fish drawing. I saved the drawing to iPad photos. Then I opened Percolator App and brought green fish up and adjusted Percolator until I found one effect I liked best.
With the second fish, I took a photo of a watercolor wash, saved it ti the iPad photos. Then in Drawing Pad I brought it in as a background. Then I painted black all over the screen on another layer.  Then I erased from the black to create the fish drawing.

Then I saved the image to iPhotos and then into Percolator.

I hope this does not sound complicated. It isn't complicated really.
I recommend one just play and fool around a bit and have fun.

I think anyone with an iPad can play and create. Who knows what one will come up with. Just have fun.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Music and Albert's Old Shoes as a Play

Well I am back to our little book 'Albert's Old Shoes' this month and I am writing a musical play of the story. I suppose I would call it creative process that emerged out of the bleak grey days of Vancouver winter.
Because I am to work with a music teacher this spring in some kind of artistic way, I have a dilemma because I am not certain just what exactly the teacher will be expecting me to do with his grade three class. He is so busy he doesn't wish to discuss anything with me until after spring break.

For me this is hard because I like to plan and prepare for projects and there will not be much time for that part once we are into April. After stressing out and worrying through January, I woke up one morning at four AM with an idea. I will write a musical of Albert's Old Shoes! Brilliant idea you say? I agree. However I have a problem. I have never ever written music let alone a musical. But what the heck! I decided I have nothing to lose. So I am giving it a go.
I have spent the past week with my iPad and Song Writer app and Loopy app and I have been having so much fun!  So even if the teacher never agrees to a musical play idea, I have been learning this wonderful new world of writing songs. They may be awful. But I like them. So there it is.
And best of all, my son Stephen thinks they are 'fun' and since he wrote Albert's Old Shoes in the first place, that is a perfect push ahead for me to stay with it.
I am creating the words with Song Writer and the music by singing with Loopy and adding harmony. Now I need to know how to convert the music sounds to sheet music. And I need to write the play. The pictures above are from the book. I did the illustrations long ago with pencil crayons.