Saturday, July 11, 2015

Percolated Card Designs

I made some cards today   which I will be giving away over the next months to friends and family for birthdays and special occasions. I thought I'd share them with my friendly readers here.
The flower images are like little treasures found on my walks around the neighbourhood with my dog over the spring months this year.
I discovered that Percolator app creates some amazing effects with a flower photo as I have said in previous posts.
I have also tried Superimpose APP to play around with the flowers to pull them up out of the Percolator abstract circles.
I print out these images from my Canon Pixma printer onto matte photo paper. I can get three-up when I lay them out in CorelDraw on my PC.
I am sure most people have a photo editor on their PC and I think you can usually print in two or four on a sheet.
I buy Strathmore blank photo mount cards and envelopes and I use the little stickers that come with the cards or a glue stick to mount the photos on the cards.