Sunday, December 13, 2015

Two Skaters on A White Winter Background

I have been making Christmas designs and cards for friends and family. I love this time of the year. Instead of my usual angel designs, I've been thinking more of my grandson who loves to skate. So along with the Winter Piggies I now have some skaters.
 I will print them out with my Canon Pixma printer on Canon Matte finish photo paper and then I will paste them onto Strathmore greeting cards and then I will give them to my friends and family at Christmas this year. It is pouring rain in Vancouver and it is nice to think about how beautiful and cheering a scene of white snow can be.
And I am feeling optimistic because I have five manuscripts for Picture Book Ideas ready to send out. Almost. I just need to write cover letters and then figure out who to send them to.
If you click the image it should come up larger on the screen so you can see the detail.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Winter Piggies Diorama

I have made a WINTER PIGGIES Diorama for kids and grown ups who haven't quite grown up.
I think they also make fun finger puppets for kids with imaginations for stories.

I have made a pdf file which I would be happy to send to anyone out there who might want to print and download their own set.

It is fun to do and I know because I just finished cutting them out to test them. This is really cute even if I do say so myself.

If you want a set in pdf format just comment here and we can figure out how to send it along to your email address.
Happy Holidays have begun! Woohoo!