Thursday, January 07, 2016

A New Year Begins

Happy New Year to everyone out there in blog land! I guess most of us are getting back on track and into a new year of new goals. Julie Hedlund has been conducting  Twelve Days of writing with the purpose of helping writers of kids books to start the New Year with a sense of accomplishment from last year and inspirational exercises to get us moving into 2016.

 I have posted my exercises here so I will not forget that last year was filled with good projects and many experiences.

I will be working with a kindergarten class this year beginning very soon. I will be soon talking to the teacher and then I will build a lesson plan and create a project for the kids. I think we may be making masks among other things. Not sure yet.

I have signed up for a painting course with an amazing painter Dreama who has developed an online oil painting course of six weeks duration beginning on January 23. Sign up was opened up yesterday and numbers are limited. For me this is so exciting.
I have always wanted to study with a great painter. In art school my teachers had styles that never appealed to me and I sort of fumbled around trying to find my way with dull paints and bad brushes.

BUT when one has great artists as teachers a student can grow and learn and almost be transformed. In 1971 I had the great fortune of taking two workshops at the Haliburton Summer School of Fine Arts in Ontario. One teacher was a man named Sam Black and one man named Viktor Tinkl  These men taught me about how art can flow with colour and movement and pattern and line. What I learned from those two day long workshops had a great influence on my life's work through the years. What I learned from these two men came in handy for animation studies when I studied at Sheridan College. It came in handy for paintings in watercolour through the years. Those courses came in handy for the illustration work I did when I worked as the Vancouver School Board illustrator in the Media Services Department. And when I studied at Emily Carr the skills and knowledge learned from those two Haliburton teachers were so helpful. And now I have found someone who is also just as amazing to learn from.

Dreama's style is full of colour with beautiful subject matter and my heart can barely wait to start up with her class. I need to buy oil paints and supplies and I need to organize my space for painting. I have always wanted to give oil painting a good try. I will probably post progress on my blog as I learn new ways. There is still space and I highly recommend her course to anyone out there who may be interested in learning from a great painter.
I feel so blessed and I am so grateful to be able to continue to learn and hopefully to grow in the work. (Not in my size though! Too many Christmas shortcake cookies!) LOL.