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Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Mailed it Away!

Overcoming my intense fear of mailing away, I made myself feel all the fear and I put that manuscript with my illustrations in the post box. Whew! I had no idea how much emotion I had over this project. I get stuck when I am almost done. For five years since I retired  I have been holding back.
Everything seemed to get in the way.

The Interact Books Contest got me started and led to a picture book with seventeen illustrations completed instead.  But  I can not exactly express my thoughts about how hard it was for me to mail this away.
It was finished and ready three weeks ago. But then I decided to do the whole thing over in order to change the characters from piggies to children.  The entire project changed in front of me on the screen and I realized it would take me to January to finish a new version properly. So I argued with myself thinking that maybe the story actually stinks and no one would want it anyway. And I have other projects I want to do waiting in a box.
But two days ago after setting myself the new goal of the end of October I decided to go back to the completed work I have spent so much time on. I packed it up with a few samples of my new character ideas. I spent a day composing a letter to the publisher. Then I packed it all up with a return stamped self addressed envelope and I headed out the door with it under my arm. While walking to the post office I had second thoughts and almost turned around because of something I wanted to add. But "No" I said to myself.  All the words are there with the illustrations and it either works or it does not work. The worst that can happen is they will hate it and mail it all back. But I can handle that.
Now I am free to move on to other projects. I toasted myself last night with a glass of wine for putting the darned thing in the mail.
I took a picture of the envelope ready to go with some samples of what I placed inside the envelope when it was ready to mail. And on the screen I took a shot of the beginnings of my new character designs to replace the piggies. See below.
So now I will work on other things. And even though I never made that APP on time, this  picture book idea came out of the effort. I decided a book is a better format for this project. I learned a lot about what can be done with Corel Painter and a Bamboo Fun  low end price-wise Wacom Tablet. This was a good project for me to try.
Now I think I might try to create an APP with Interact Books regardless of the contest. But that's a whole other story. And it is waiting for me in my box of papers. I can't wait to see who wins the Interact best APP contest. It won't be me. But I wish them all luck! And I will wait to see what comes back in the mail. I will let you know one way or the other dear blog and any friends who happen by.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Waterscape With Gulls

As I ponder the events in Japan I find it helps to make marks and keep working. I once was a liturgical artist and I can feel that process of meditation coming back into the creative process. I have been playing with this image and the field image as well. Today this emerged on my computer pages.
Seagulls are not the nicest birds, but I think they can be beautiful to draw.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Two Sheep In A Green Meadow

This weekend the Wet Canvas All Media Event forum has so many beautiful photo references I can't resist taking part. Since I have been into sheep lately for reasons I can not explain, I chose a photo of some sheep to work with. I started by creating a vector drawing of the sheep using Corel Draw and my little Bamboo Pen Tablet. I was not pleased with it. But I decided to not give up just because it was not working for me. I took the vector into Corel Painter11 and using the pastels and pencil crayon brushes I painted over it.

Then, when it was finished as far as I could take it, on a whim I tried the 'woodcut' effect. I never expected what happened. But I think it is rather fun and different.

Happy New year to my friends out there who come by. I really appreciate your thoughts and comments.
Thanks to Maureen Whittaker of Wet Canvas for her beautiful photo references this week.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cards

A log time ago, early 1980's, I had a position as a Liturgical Artist and Arts Coordinator at  Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver. At Christmas time in the midst of pageant involvement with costumes and sets, and banners for services, I was responsible for creating designs suitable for the leaflets for the many Christmas services. They had to be black and white line drawings suitable for printing out by photocopier. We didn't have PC's at that time so I did everything with pen and ink.
Last week I pulled out a few of those old designs and I  began adapt them and to play in colour with in CorelDraw and Painter11.
I have also been doodling as you can see, in those three wise fellows on camels. Colour brings them alive. They seem to be wanting to emerge from the page into my life or at least onto cards.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Waterlily Goes Too Far

One thing leads to another. It rained this morning and I felt a little depressed about the darkness of the day but then the sun came out so I took my little dog outside for a walk. It was cold and we know winter is arriving early. Tonight I posted this waterlily design to Wet Canvas website for this week's All Media Event as explained in the previous post with fish.
Then I took the image into Corel Painter11 and added some lines.
Being my usual obsessive self when I overdo things I wondered what it might look like as a quilt design. I think I had better stop now.

If anyone has any thoughts I'd love to hear them.I kind of enjoyed this little adventure with the waterlily. And many thanks to Li of Wet Canvas who provided the reference lily photo.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Red Ball

I managed to get this done today. It is for the Wet Canvas All Media Event for this week. A combination of three reference photos.  This is done with Painter and CorelDraw. A little different from my usual way of working, but I like to experiment.
I used the pastel brushes, the blender brushes and the pencil brushes in Painter11. My dog acts just like that little dog. Maggie isn't interested in chasing most balls. But she does like to watch the people go through all the motions of trying to get her to chase it.

Thank you to Bonnie at Wet Canvas this week for the reference photos.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pencil Sketches to Vector Shapes

I am working up some ideas for a story board and it's been a while since the last posting here so I thought I would share this.

Pencil sketches scanned into CorelDRAW and then turned into vector shapes.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Digital Peony

The Olympics are over and things are getting back to normal. It was a wonderful two weeks here in Vancouver and the fairy tale ending of winning the hockey game was the icing on the cake for Canada.
Over the weekend I sketched a big horn sheep with pastels and pencil crayons. I posted the drawings on my other blog.
I also took part in Wet Canvas and because of a previous request from a moderator there, I created a thread explaining how I make a vector illustration with Corel Draw as I took part in this week's All Media Event. I am posting this information here as well just n case anyone is interested.

With credit to JustJean on Wet Canvas who provided the reference photo this week.

1. I draw shapes looking at the reference and thinking of the flower as  a number of shapes. Each shape is a line which needs to connect to close it off to hold colour. Here I have overlapped them to see if they will work as a flower. But they need to be separate and closed for step two.

2. I colour the shapes with graduated fills. I remove the outlines.
3. Then I arrange the pieces like puzzles. I add shapes if I need them by duplicating or creating new shapes. When I like a flower I group it to make it stay as one piece. I can duplicate a flower as many times as I want. I can flip them and stretch them if I want to create something like the illustration at the top.
4. I created this background by drawing shapes like the shadows in the photo reference. I placed a box behind them and gave it a soft purple colour. I removed lines once I was satisfied. I created this image to a bitmap, gave it a gaussian blur and placed it behind the peonies.

And there you have it. A vector illustration with CorelDRAW. I hope this is useful information. One can get much more detailed with added blends and other wonderful effects with Corel and I haven't tried them out and I doubt I ever will. CorelDraw is a powerful program. But for this little demonstration I just wanted to explain a simple approach.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

White Cokatoo and Parrot

Wet Canvas has some bird references this week.
There are two birds.  I am still working on the second but I thought I'd post it. This takes a lot of patience and I just have to remember to breathe!