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Monday, September 26, 2016

Grade Four Classroom Animation Project

Cars, Fish and Castle

When I was preparing a proposal for using iPads, Stop Frame Animation and DoInk Green Screen I got a crazy idea for a way to make a project with flat paper. My little video above is silly and it goes on forever but at least it all worked as an easy fast exercise for kids to learn and have fun with. I thought the students might find this a stepping off point into making their own simple animations.

When it all came together we ended up making plasticine characters and 3D paper sets. The children created characters, wrote stories and worked in pairs of three with iPads. It became more than I had imagined because the children's creativity was amazing and so impressive. They seem to have a natural gift for visual story telling.

Because of privacy protection concerns I am unable to post their animated videos. But I can assure you they were all wonderful.

I can recommend a Future Learn Course titled Film Making & Animation In The Classroom for any teachers interested in working in animation with ipads with students.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

A Little Flip and a Little Boom

I thought I'd put together a few clips of simple animation exercises I have created while trying to figure out how to use  Flip Boom Doodle which is a lovely little animation program for young people from Toon Boom. When clips are linked together in a separate movie editor software one can add music and titles and effects.When saving, one can convert the clips to mpeg or movie files. It is reasonably inexpensive. It has it's limitations but the program is solid and fun to play with. I am thinking about working with children and what might be possible using basic shapes and simple lines.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Flying Piggies Valentine

I entered a little animated valentine into a contest with Toon Boom using their software Flip Doodle Boom which they offered free as a download until February 10.
I spent several days learning how to use it until I created this little video. I have posted it on you tube.

Flip Doodle Boom is designed for kids and is easy to use if one is truly interested in animation.

I think creating animations must be good for brains. Better than crossword puzzles perhaps? For example: One might wake up from sound sleep in the dark night with the perfect solution and a way to move weird little pigs around in balloons. Crazy making perhaps? But fun if one is so inclined. There are a few of us out there.

I feel happy to have finished this and to have had the opportunity to learn a little bit of this wonderful little animation program. Now I want to make more.