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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Puddle Card

I have been away from drawing and writing for twelve weeks. Now I am so happy to be back! A wrist injury is now pretty much healed. Thank goodness.
I think the days of walking with my dog Maggie in the winter rain are affecting my focus although the sun did shine today. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Art Making With iPad

I put a lot of work through the months of January to June preparing lesson plans and working with students. I think I will start sharing what I learned in case it is of any use to teachers out there wanting ideas of ways to use iPads for art making and not just for playing games.

The first green background/house image I used wingdings of musical notes and small boxes.  I was able to draw with the icons working as my 'pen' line for a line drawing. Simple and so much fun.

For the second, I took a digital image drawn with a different program and used it as a background for a short writing fiction piece about a first day at school memory of a bully incident. Then I wrote text over and around it using this APP.

For the second I used a faded background image of a hill and a tree and I placed the text over top.

1. Write words into a text box.
2. Draw your finger or tablet pen over the screen.
3. Your words flow from your finger.
4. Bring in a piece of art or a photo and place behind your text.

A sensitive and powerful drawing tool as well as a way to play with text and writing. I think it costs under $3.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fishing Around

I entered two designs to the Hallmark contest again this month. But I am feeling sad because I didn't win. Wahhhh. However what the heck. Let's move on.
Here's my loser card design. But I still like it.

This week I joined a website called 750 words and I started writing free style each day. When one is finished it tells the writer how many words they have down. I was going for the 750 and I find it easy. When I am done with writing I print it all out and store it with my daily morning pages journals. At the end of the day it feels like no matter what happened, the act of writing a little more than usual makes me feel as if I have accomplished something.
Writing free style is like therapy, and a way to work through little things that happen like the snippy neighbour who doesn't like your dog or the sad woman begging for cash near the liquor store.
Aside from the negative, writing free style also helps me to remember of moments of delight like the perfect tulip under the hedge or the joy that my dog expresses through her wiggling body and wagging tail when she meets friends at the park.

I am attending a workshop in Saturday on the topic of editing so this week my everlasting ongoing novel has been revised again for the twentieth time and now printed out and ready to take along. I have edited the book so much it has been reduced from over two hundred pages double spaced down to about 28 pages.
Maybe this workshop will help me get it into shape for submitting to a publisher. I am hoping.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Night

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of my new computer screen which I ordered online with Air Miles Reward miles. It arrived within five days all the way from Ontario to Vancouver via Canada Post. It goes nicely with my Mini Mac, a Christmas gift from my wonderful sons. I am now using two computers. I still mostly use my PC because I am so accustomed to it especially for using CorelDraw which is not available on a Mac.
The cupcakes and cat image is part of a Birthday Card design I submitted to Hallmark's March card contest. But sigh and a tear in the eye, they did not choose it nor even consider it.  Kleenex please. But I still like it. Since I am accustomed to rejection I opened myself to another disappointment and I sent in two designs to this month's April contest.  The second on screen image is from a banner design I have been working on for a fund raiser coming up in June. CWILL BC is holding this fund raiser in Richmond. When I pick up the banners from the printers I might try to get a few photos to post here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Scene on a Rainy day

I spent much of the weekend watching and being inspired by the FREE Weekend of  water colour videos on Artist's Network TV.

Two water colour painters I admire demonstrated how easy it can be.

Right? Oh yeah. Right!

It wasn't quite as easy as it looked. I admit it has been a while since I had a real brush in my hand. So, yesterday, after a disastrous attempt at painting with real paint and real brushes, and after tossing out several sheets of good paper and after losing my mind temporarily in frustration, I went back to digital. I thought I'd share this today.
Why do I like creating digital water colour art ?
1. Being comfortable with the software. Painter and CorelDraw.
2. One can play with different colour schemes.
3. Easy to delete and start again.
4. No mess, like indigo blue staining fingers or stepping on a blob of water colour and leaving blue blobs on the floor and carpet.Ugh! Yes.I did
5. No need to spend money on expensive paint and supplies and brushes.
There are lots more reasons but this post is now long enough.

This little scene will make a background for some animation experiments.  I know I must keep on with the real paints too. But that will be another post. It must be like getting back on the horse.

Here is the reference photo. A park playground near where I live. I took the photo two weeks ago.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

IF / Return

The word this week on Illustration Friday is RETURN.
So if I choose to post this bunch of experiments all together I could say say something like
"These little characters are the beginnings of my return to a love of experimenting with animation",

Or I could write
"The cats watched and waited for the return of Freddy the mouse and his twin brother Dexter."
Or I could say
"The rainbow goose returned alone after his long journey. He ran through the fields just outside the town hoping his sweetheart would have arrived ahead of him."
"The surving octupus and a few fishes returned to their home lagoon to delight in the purity of clean water after so many months of swimming around deadly oil spills in the ocean."
And I could also write
'Albert returned to school with his wonderful painting rolled up and safe in his back pack ready to show to the class."
Dear reader, if you are still with me I would give you a big hug. Thanks for coming by.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Flying Piggies Valentine

I entered a little animated valentine into a contest with Toon Boom using their software Flip Doodle Boom which they offered free as a download until February 10.
I spent several days learning how to use it until I created this little video. I have posted it on you tube.

Flip Doodle Boom is designed for kids and is easy to use if one is truly interested in animation.

I think creating animations must be good for brains. Better than crossword puzzles perhaps? For example: One might wake up from sound sleep in the dark night with the perfect solution and a way to move weird little pigs around in balloons. Crazy making perhaps? But fun if one is so inclined. There are a few of us out there.

I feel happy to have finished this and to have had the opportunity to learn a little bit of this wonderful little animation program. Now I want to make more.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chugging Along

Yesterday I received my book proposal back in the mail. A very nice letter from the editor informs me respectfully that the story doesn't fit their current picture book needs.
I have to admit it is lovely to know so quickly about how they feel about the book idea. A no is hard but not unexpected.
I was thinking about re-doing all of the illustrations and I am so glad I didn't spend more time on it.
I am working on a new idea now and it is refreshing to get away from the pig characters because I was not really happy with them. I am kind of glad they never had a life out there.
I have been helping a friend with her book of poetry over the past few weeks. And I am working on a new picture book idea and getting back to writing.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bearded Collie Drawing

Wet Canvas all media forum this weekend. I thought I'd give it a try. CorelDraw followed by adding bits with Corel Painter is the medium.
Thank you to 'justjean' the host this weekend for posting this photo of her dog Duchess.
It is either a Bearded Collie or a Sheep Dog. I'm not sure and thanks to Jennifer for pointing it out to me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Tricks and Treats

My grandson had a birthday yesterday and now in just a few more days we will celebrate Halloween. At four years old the little guy is over the top with the excitement. First, the birthday cake and presents, and now it is time for dressing up and tricks and treats. How much excitement can a child handle?
I can't resist drawing pumpkins and witches as this week comes to the end of October. In Vancouver  this coming weekend, there will be Halloween parties and fireworks in the dark and a lot of kids dressing up so before it is over I thought I'd post a few pumpkins and witches.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Setting a New Goal This Week

Hello out there. Is anybody there? I have been working on a book and got lost in it revising and changing and editing and I've been wondering when I will finish it. What first began as an idea for an APP turned into so many illustrations I realized I had enough for a book. So...I finished it as a book. But then I started having second thoughts about the character design.
And then my computer had major problems and I ended up with a new computer which is absolutely lovely so far. Fortunately I saved and backed up files all along the way. So nothing was lost. I must have created over six gigabytes of files working on this.
Then once I had the new computer up and running I changed all the characters from piggies into kids. And I like the kids much better. This led me into doing some research about costume and current fashion.
Now it is October and each day I get closer to an ending of this project.
I have set a goal for finishing by October 31.

On and on and on it goes. I need a support team.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Making art with my ipad

I have several painting APPS on my iPad. So far, Art Rage for the ipad is my favourite App for drawing. I played around with it yesterday testing out my new Wacom pen for iPad. Today I am posting some of the little drawings I emailed to myself. With Corel Draw (in my PC), I organized them into this arrangement.
Realizing there were enough little characters for a quilt type design, I thought what the heck. I'll post this. I get a little obsessed with an idea at times.
But I did learn a bit about using the APP with my new pen. And it was peaceful working on these little characters. The centre design is the base for each design. I erased with white in the negative space. I saved over and over again  always beginning from the original base digital painting.

Monday, January 10, 2011

An Image of Swans

Still working on this week's Wet Canvas All Media Event.
I am thinking that I could use this as a base for beginning a real painting with oils or acrylics or pastels.
In the meantime it would make a nice card I think.
This is the vector file I took into painter as a jpeg and painted over.
I separated the background from the swans with reflections.
I worked on the backgound in painter using blends and pastels over what I had laid down.
Then back to Corel. Combined the two and took it all back into painter as a jpeg for touch up of feathers and shadows of the swans.
Then back to CorelDraw for a frame and then back into Painter to play with oily blenders around the frame.
I've been having fun with this.
Is this a bad thing?
And the joys of hitting enter trying for a 'woodcut effect' and voila. A surprise again.

Thanks for coming by dear friends.
It's been hard trying to get moving since New Years. But it feels good to be back here making swans swim.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Two Sheep In A Green Meadow

This weekend the Wet Canvas All Media Event forum has so many beautiful photo references I can't resist taking part. Since I have been into sheep lately for reasons I can not explain, I chose a photo of some sheep to work with. I started by creating a vector drawing of the sheep using Corel Draw and my little Bamboo Pen Tablet. I was not pleased with it. But I decided to not give up just because it was not working for me. I took the vector into Corel Painter11 and using the pastels and pencil crayon brushes I painted over it.

Then, when it was finished as far as I could take it, on a whim I tried the 'woodcut' effect. I never expected what happened. But I think it is rather fun and different.

Happy New year to my friends out there who come by. I really appreciate your thoughts and comments.
Thanks to Maureen Whittaker of Wet Canvas for her beautiful photo references this week.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Project From the Past

I keep playing with old drawings because of my constant need to experiment with images. Yesterday, while going through my portfolio, I pulled out a couple of drawings from a little story I wrote way back in the early nineteen nineties for a video class at Emily Carr College of Art And Design. It was a short story with images drawn very quickly with coloured pencils to meet a deadline for class. I finished the story but I never finished the final video. I made a promise to the instructor that I would finish it but I never followed through and it has haunted me for years. Now, with the technology at my finger tips, I think I might give it another try just to see if I can do something with it in video form.
These are two dusty old pencil crayon drawings scanned into Corel Painter11 and 'painted' over with the pastel brushes with my little Wacom Bamboo Tablet and my little plastic tipped pen. I do love technology. But I must get my portfolio together and I must stop experimenting. Oh my.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Ducks in Painter

I took a break from vector drawing yesterday and went into Painter. These ducks are from a photo reference I took recently at VanDusen Gardens in Vancouver.
I used the watercolour brushes with a bit of pencil line. I recorded each step and I think I will make a short slide show of the process.

And last night I went back into vector drawing and the results, a parrot drawing and a wolf drawing are posted on my other blog paintingpuppies.

The New Year has begun of course and along with everyone else I have been giving a lot of thought to assessing the past year and looking forward with new goals.
Among other things, I hope to keep growing and learning and my blogs help me to stay motivated. I thank you dear people who do stop by from time to time. And I love to receive your comments.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Holiday Week Vector Cat

Last night I joined up with the Wet Canvas weekly all media events projects under my name bluelilac. I tackled a photo reference of a beautiful cat. And here she is. And it was fun. I think it would make a nice card? Thank you to Elizabeth of Wet Canvas for the reference photo of her beloved cat in her garden.

Vector art in CorelDrawX4. I had trouble with the fur and I may try to adjust it today.
I hope everyone is enjoying a week of Peace and good things.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Canada Geese Card Designs

I wish I knew where I was going with this. I am afraid I am lost in a creative process that has taken me around in so many directions. Last week's Santa illustration for Illustration Friday bothered me because it is so stiff and set. Let's face it. BORING!
So I started drawing shapes in vector format with my favourite program CorelDRAW. I love sketching Canada Geese as they are abundant in our city of Vancouver. They are bothersome in many ways yet they have such an elegance and beauty. I am thinking perhaps I might turn these into cards for family this Christmas.