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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Stuff

Another great book to study if one would like to learn wisdom about creativity is Twyla Tharpe's book, The Creative Habit, Learn it and Use it for Life. A friend suggested it a few years ago and I found it so helpful at that time in my life. So after doing a Google search for books on creativity and seeing it listed at the top, I booked it out of the library. For two weeks now, each morning after breakfast, I have been treating the book as if it is a course, taking notes and doing the exercises. Now it is overdue but I am determined to get through the entire book in the next two days and it will be worth the fine.
I had a little time to fool around with my iPad trying to create a decent selfie head shot to update my blog. I tried adjusting some head shots using Adobe PhotoShop Express APP and I find it rather satisfying to use the dream feature which smooths out my face and makes me sort of shiny looking. Better than the real me.
I emailed the image to my computer and with Adobe Photoshop Elements, I superimposed my face over a clip from the UNICEF card I designed that won for the Hallmark contest last year. The top of my head is flat and maybe I will fix it next week. But for now this is  a start of adding new information to my blog.

Friday, July 04, 2014

July Thoughts

I had the company of my beautiful grandson the other day. He asked me if I always talked out loud to myself. That made me laugh because he was right. I talk to myself all the time. LOL!
My dog has not mentioned it, but she is a great listener.
It seems to me my total focus was with the projects with students since January. Now I am trying to get back into productivity for my own stuff and I am finding it hard to get into the routine again.
Looking for inspiration, I checked out a few books on creativity. I have found that reading about how others create has always been a sort of back-up plan to inspire me when my energy gets low. After reading over a book by Austin Kleon, 'Show Your Work' I thought maybe blogging the process of getting things done might force me to post more often so I can start moving in the direction of trying to organize and get things rolling again.
My new goals are
1. To apply to Vancouver Art Starts because I would love to continue working with kids this fall.
2. To create three sample illustrations to go with a 1500 words manuscript submission I have been working on.
3. To create a layout and plan for a little picture book idea I have. The 500 word manuscript is done. Now the art part.
4. To revise a story I wrote a few years ago for middle grades. It is 10,000 words at the moment.
5. To do something with a 450 word picture book idea.

So I really do have a lot of projects in the works. I just need to FINISH them and MAIL them out.
And I am going to document the process here on the blog. Can I do this? Do you think?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Updated Portfolio

I updated my portfolio this week.
I have almost forgotten how much work I have done over the last three years or so. It is probably too long and  too many images but it was fun to put some of them together. If you have any interest in looking at my explorations in digital art and colored pencil and watercolor illustrations please ignore the advertising for the video which comes up on that site, and many thanks for your interest and time.