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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Puddle Card

I have been away from drawing and writing for twelve weeks. Now I am so happy to be back! A wrist injury is now pretty much healed. Thank goodness.
I think the days of walking with my dog Maggie in the winter rain are affecting my focus although the sun did shine today. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Art Making With iPad

I put a lot of work through the months of January to June preparing lesson plans and working with students. I think I will start sharing what I learned in case it is of any use to teachers out there wanting ideas of ways to use iPads for art making and not just for playing games.

The first green background/house image I used wingdings of musical notes and small boxes.  I was able to draw with the icons working as my 'pen' line for a line drawing. Simple and so much fun.

For the second, I took a digital image drawn with a different program and used it as a background for a short writing fiction piece about a first day at school memory of a bully incident. Then I wrote text over and around it using this APP.

For the second I used a faded background image of a hill and a tree and I placed the text over top.

1. Write words into a text box.
2. Draw your finger or tablet pen over the screen.
3. Your words flow from your finger.
4. Bring in a piece of art or a photo and place behind your text.

A sensitive and powerful drawing tool as well as a way to play with text and writing. I think it costs under $3.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

August Thoughts

Here comes August 2014 and I am resolved to continue blogging as I work through my projects and goals list. Along the way I will continue to share little things I am trying out with my iPad.
The watercolors below are from photos I snapped with my iPad camera. The second step, by using Waterlogue App, the images have been magically converted to watercolors. I find this rather addictive but it is so much fun to see what will happen to my photos.
Two BIG decisions:
1.I have decided not to apply to Art Starts for the fall art with kids programs.
2. I am also pulling away from the Biennale program involvement. It was great working with the children and the teacher.
Do I seem a little tired?
The good things about working with those kids?
1. To see the children move into self confidence and freedom of expression and joy.
2. I have compiled a ton of information for building lesson plans.
3. I experimented with my iPad and discovered many wonderful art making apps.
4. I can now post to this experimentation in more depth on this blog to share with anyone out there who might be interested.
5. I researched books fitting the interests of the children in comic making and animation so I put my toe back into the waters of old interests of mine. ANIMATION and CHARACTER DESIGN. Yes!
6. I think I have built the makings of a how to do book about story making and making of a comic book.

7. I got to spend time with some beautiful children who are smarter and wiser than the system tells them they are. I believe they are all artistic creative types and maybe this is part of the reason why they don't fit into the regular class system. They all deserve to be taken seriously and cared for in the way they deserve. Great kids. All of them.
I made this little video using iPad's iMovie template. Easy, fast and it looks great. I think.

Now, this fall, I will put my time into art and writing.

Next January I will again be involved with art making as an Artist In Residence with the Vancouver School Board. I love working with VSB children and teachers. I can devote my time to them again when the time arrives.

I want to take my own work seriously for the fall months. So, this week I am working with my finished manuscript and developing characters and backgrounds for that book I have been working on with my dear cousin John who lives in Ireland In the meantime I am beginning to think this just might develop into something wonderful and fun. Back I go into the 1930's.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to my dear blogger friends. I hope the year ahead is a good year for all.

I thought I'd post this silly painting from my ipad.
I think I used Art Rage. No mess, no fuss and endless color possibilities. Also FUN.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Steps Along The Way

The other evening after a day of writing and editing I sat with my iPad on my lap. I started drawing with my favourite APP for drawing on iPad,
(Art Rage ) while I was  watching Birdsong on Masterpiece Theatre.

This started to look like a piece of cloth as I ran lines thick and thin, transparent and soft across the glass with my stylus for iPad.
I created a few of these 'plaids' during the evening with my dog snuggled beside me on one side and my cat on the other side.
After I completed four plaid like designs like this I sent them by email to my computer.
The following evening after another day of writing, I called this particular pink plaid into Corel Photopaint X5 which is part of my Corel Graphics design suite.
Using the freehand mask tool I started cutting out shapes, saving them and pasting them onto my Corel Draw page. They looked like this.
I have added a black background to emphasize the shapes for you viewers who might be interested in my crazy exploration process.

Because I have been writing a story set in the nineteen fifties, these dress shapes are straight out of my memories of the time because I did wear dresses with horsehair crinolines underneath which made the skirts flare out.

So then I figured I should put a character into the dress.
So with CorelDraw I made some vector shapes for legs, body and arms. And now, today I have this little character who fits my story nicely, I think... for a start anyway.

Now I will take her into Corel Painter to soften up her hair and to give her a face. And I shall post more later.

In the meantime, the reason I am so freely telling you about my affection for Corel is because today I received an email telling me I am a winner of a free Corel Product and I am over the top happy. I rarely win anything and it seems especially nice that this is happening today after getting my income tax organized and off into the universe with all the stress and strain of worry about owing as usual.
So a big thanks today from me to Corel because it makes my life full of unexpected surprises and endless creative pathways to explore.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Making art with my ipad

I have several painting APPS on my iPad. So far, Art Rage for the ipad is my favourite App for drawing. I played around with it yesterday testing out my new Wacom pen for iPad. Today I am posting some of the little drawings I emailed to myself. With Corel Draw (in my PC), I organized them into this arrangement.
Realizing there were enough little characters for a quilt type design, I thought what the heck. I'll post this. I get a little obsessed with an idea at times.
But I did learn a bit about using the APP with my new pen. And it was peaceful working on these little characters. The centre design is the base for each design. I erased with white in the negative space. I saved over and over again  always beginning from the original base digital painting.