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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Oil Painting Course

Here is a post of a photo collage sample of bits from painting exercises completed while taking Artist Dreama Perry's wonderful online painting course.They are all small paintings about 10 inches by 8 inches. Each one took me a long time because life kept getting in the way and I kept putting the paints away in a box. I don't really feel as if these are mine since they were all class projects and everyone painted from the same reference photos selected by Dreama Perry.
The best part of her course, for me, was the weekly meditation modules and her informative sharing of her techniques using pure color. It was a wonderful experience for everyone who took the course I think. Her beautiful and thoughtful videos went on for weeks.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Digital Learning

This week I am trying to figure out
Corel Painter 11. I must say it is cleaner than using real paint and less messy and it is also a lot of fun. I do have a lot to learn. This is a good thing.
I feel like a kid in virtual kindergarten. A little joy in having a lot of paint to play with. No teacher to tell me I am doing it all wrong. Yet.
I have been using CorelDRAW for many years. But this painting program is different in many ways. I think I love it.