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Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Mailed it Away!

Overcoming my intense fear of mailing away, I made myself feel all the fear and I put that manuscript with my illustrations in the post box. Whew! I had no idea how much emotion I had over this project. I get stuck when I am almost done. For five years since I retired  I have been holding back.
Everything seemed to get in the way.

The Interact Books Contest got me started and led to a picture book with seventeen illustrations completed instead.  But  I can not exactly express my thoughts about how hard it was for me to mail this away.
It was finished and ready three weeks ago. But then I decided to do the whole thing over in order to change the characters from piggies to children.  The entire project changed in front of me on the screen and I realized it would take me to January to finish a new version properly. So I argued with myself thinking that maybe the story actually stinks and no one would want it anyway. And I have other projects I want to do waiting in a box.
But two days ago after setting myself the new goal of the end of October I decided to go back to the completed work I have spent so much time on. I packed it up with a few samples of my new character ideas. I spent a day composing a letter to the publisher. Then I packed it all up with a return stamped self addressed envelope and I headed out the door with it under my arm. While walking to the post office I had second thoughts and almost turned around because of something I wanted to add. But "No" I said to myself.  All the words are there with the illustrations and it either works or it does not work. The worst that can happen is they will hate it and mail it all back. But I can handle that.
Now I am free to move on to other projects. I toasted myself last night with a glass of wine for putting the darned thing in the mail.
I took a picture of the envelope ready to go with some samples of what I placed inside the envelope when it was ready to mail. And on the screen I took a shot of the beginnings of my new character designs to replace the piggies. See below.
So now I will work on other things. And even though I never made that APP on time, this  picture book idea came out of the effort. I decided a book is a better format for this project. I learned a lot about what can be done with Corel Painter and a Bamboo Fun  low end price-wise Wacom Tablet. This was a good project for me to try.
Now I think I might try to create an APP with Interact Books regardless of the contest. But that's a whole other story. And it is waiting for me in my box of papers. I can't wait to see who wins the Interact best APP contest. It won't be me. But I wish them all luck! And I will wait to see what comes back in the mail. I will let you know one way or the other dear blog and any friends who happen by.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pink Flamingo

Wet canvas has some beautiful photo references this week on their All Media Art Event.

Using Corel Draw X4 in vector format I came up with a couple of versions of a pink flamingo in grass.

I converted it to a jpeg file and took the design into Painter11 and then changed it with a little line work using the coloured pencil brush.

I think this would make a nice card don't you think? I'd be glad to send this to anyone as a pdf gift card file if you let me know. I'd like to thank Lisilk for the beautiful photographs this week. I am about to tackle a few more.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sketching Tulips Today

I like the look of these tulips sprawled against a wall. I made a quick sketch of my photo this morning with a felt pen on bond paper while my puppy Maggie pawed my knees and begged me to take her over to the park to play with Charlie.

When I got back from the Park I scanned the sketch with my Epson scanner into CorelDRAW.
With this image on the screen I chose the trace feature.
I added a little colour and got this 'look' which I think is sort of 1960's.

I created a vector from the sketch and this is what happened. I think it feels like an Easter image of light and life.

Played a little more with colour.
It is now the end of the day and I thought I might as well post this.
I hope this is in some way interesting and perhaps even helpful to someone out there.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Blue Grey Parrot Named Smokey Joe

I finished this parrot last night. I used Corel for so many years and I rarely used the vector format for making designs other than text and images for logos. Technology has improved greatly because something like this would have taken too much computer memory and I would not have had the patience. But now I am older and more patient because I have no client breathing down my neck with a deadline and now computer memory is no problem (even thought my memory isn't so great anymore). This is converted of course to a jpeg for the web and much smaller than the CDR file.
I am wondering where this is taking me. It feels like maybe I am heading for a good place.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

White Cokatoo and Parrot

Wet Canvas has some bird references this week.
There are two birds.  I am still working on the second but I thought I'd post it. This takes a lot of patience and I just have to remember to breathe!