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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

K's & Grade One Watercolors and Collage

Here is a picture of the final display. The kids were so proud.
These are watercolor and salt back grounds made in one session and then adding painted papers in collage on a theme of British Columbia landscapes and sea life and bugs. The teacher was wonderful and let the ideas flow. We began with looking at Emily Carr and Vincent Van Gogh landscapes and tree drawings.

We finally finished our project with watercolors, salt and collage with painted papers.

In our first 90 minute session, we made pastel paintings after talking about characters in favourite fairy tales. Some of the kids had other ideas once they finished a fairy tale pastel. they took off with some pretty wild and crazy wonderful pastels making a mess on their hands and loving it.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Combination Watercolour and Digital Effect

It has been raining and the sky is so grey and I've been trying to work but there are some days when nothing seems to work out.

I thought I'd post something tonight because my last post, that owl with nowhere to go has been bothering me. I think I might even take him down.

But for now here is a little experiment I did with a salted watercolour, my scanner and the software application Corel Painter. One could do this with other software applications such as Photoshop Elements brushes or Art Rage or Adobe Sketchbook Pro and perhaps even an iPad. I am assuming you have a Wacom tablet connected to your computer with the Wacom tablet stylus pen that comes with it. If you are using an iPad you could use your finger, but better to have a stylus for your iPad for better drawing control. ( To avoid confusion about stylus pens remember An iPad stylus is completely different from a Wacom Tablet stylus.)
Each one of the three images are from the saved scanned and painted file image on the top left. Just remember always to save the base so you can use it over and over again.

Here are the steps.

1. Paint a sheet with two colour washes, let them flow into each other and before it dries shake salt over all of the painting and set it somewhere where it will dry. The salt creates delicate sparkly starry effects. I prefer to use two colours because it is so easy to get mud if you mix three together and I hate mud and I think most artists do as well. 

2. When it is dry, scan your painting into your computer and name it and save it as a jpeg and remember where you saved your file.

3. Open your PAINTER or Photoshop or Sketchbook or whatever your painting/drawing program and then go to FILE and then open your saved jpeg file.

3. Give it a new name and save a few copies of your watercolour in order not to lose that base painting image.

4. Now use the eraser tool brush with a fairly small line and draw shapes into the colours with what is now a white line image.

5. Next remove areas with a larger eraser brush point. You can adjust the eraser point to any size that you want. A large brush is great for removing larger areas.

6. You can create a woodcut effect using this drawing method.

7. REMEMBER TO SAVE your work under a new name and keep the base jpeg painting in case you ever want to use your watercolour image again in a digital manner.

I hope this is helpful to someone out there one day. If anyone has a question I would be glad to answer below.
And for now, the rain pours down into the night. But I can rest knowing I posted something more interesting than that darned owl.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Scene on a Rainy day

I spent much of the weekend watching and being inspired by the FREE Weekend of  water colour videos on Artist's Network TV.

Two water colour painters I admire demonstrated how easy it can be.

Right? Oh yeah. Right!

It wasn't quite as easy as it looked. I admit it has been a while since I had a real brush in my hand. So, yesterday, after a disastrous attempt at painting with real paint and real brushes, and after tossing out several sheets of good paper and after losing my mind temporarily in frustration, I went back to digital. I thought I'd share this today.
Why do I like creating digital water colour art ?
1. Being comfortable with the software. Painter and CorelDraw.
2. One can play with different colour schemes.
3. Easy to delete and start again.
4. No mess, like indigo blue staining fingers or stepping on a blob of water colour and leaving blue blobs on the floor and carpet.Ugh! Yes.I did
5. No need to spend money on expensive paint and supplies and brushes.
There are lots more reasons but this post is now long enough.

This little scene will make a background for some animation experiments.  I know I must keep on with the real paints too. But that will be another post. It must be like getting back on the horse.

Here is the reference photo. A park playground near where I live. I took the photo two weeks ago.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Touched Up Watercolour

Two days of messing up paintings.
I scanned the worst one and digitized it in photopaint. The top image is the original.
The bottom image the digital version.
Maybe I can fix the original or maybe I will start over with something completely different.
In any case, I regard it as another learning experience.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Step 5 - I Think This Piece Is Complete, Almost.

Except for some tweaking to come over the next few days I am almost finished with this drawing.

I am glad I went to the end with this one. It took a great deal of patience. I worked on it for two hour stretches and then I had to go away from it for a while. At times my back hurt and I realized I needed to consciously relax my back while I worked on it. I had to sit back in my chair and the angle of my board had to be just right. Otherwise it was painful.

I kept sharpening my pencils. Sharp pencils are absolutely necessary I think.

I am really glad I set down the base in watercolour. It is on Stonehenge paper and I was surprised the paper didn't curl up when it was originally wet.

But I used a minimum amount of water placed in placed the washes in small spaces.

No grand washes over it or anything like that.

Very simple beginning.

I think I will make a mat for it.

I kind of like it.

I am pleased. It needs more work on the lower left side. But for now. I am happy to stop until I am ready to see what needs to be done.

And thanks to Stacy and Karen for cheering me on with this one.